Streaming Media West 2018 Presentations

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Encoding 2018: Codecs & Packaging for PCs, Mobile, & OTT/STB/Smart TVs
Jan Ozer - W1_Ozer.pdf
Live Streaming Best Practices
Harnessing the Power of AI in Your Media Processing Pipeline
Jun Heider - W3_Heider.pdf
Encoding Live & VOD for HEVC/HLS
Jan Ozer - W4_Ozer.pdf
FFmpeg From the Ground Up

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kickoff Session: Stream Me the Money: How to Monetize OTT
Streaming TV – The Convergence of OTT and Pay TV
Consumer Insights Into Streaming Video
VR/360° Video: Flash in the Pan or Here to Stay?
Get Rid of the Silos! Integrating Your Streaming, Videoconferencing, & Unified Communications Solutions
Best Practices for Education & Training Video
Chris Knowlton - B104_Knowlton.pdf
How Will AI & Machine Learning Impact Streaming Video?
Suzanne Rainey - B105_Rainey.pptx
Suzanne Rainey - B105_Rainey.mp4
HOW-TO: Fine-Tuning Your Adaptive Encoding Groups With Objective Quality Metrics
Jan Ozer - T101_Ozer.pdf
Choosing the Best Off-the-Shelf Video Player
HOW-TO: Building a More Robust Cloud Encoder With FFMPEG & More
Jan Ozer - T103_Ozer.pdf
Identifying Ideal Points for Quality Checks in Video Streaming
Scott & Romero - T104_Scott.pdf
Demystifying the SRT Open Source Streaming Protocol
Mahmoud Al-Daccak - T105_Al-Daccak.pdf
Building a Better OTT Mousetrap: Creating Video Services That Consumers Want
OTT Moves Toward Microservices
Locked Out & Locked Up: The State of Streaming Piracy & What You Can Do to Protect Your Content
The Future of Server-Side Ad Insertion
OTT Spotlights
Tools & Techniques for Diagnosing & Resolving Problems in Large-Scale Events
Is AV1 Ready for Prime Time?
Identifying Root Cause via Playback Metrics
Applications for Machine Learning in Streaming Video
Video Engineering Spotlights
Building Major League Viewing for Local & Regional Leagues
How IP Is Revolutionizing Sports Video Production
Leveraging Social Sites for Your Sports Broadcasts
Guerilla Tactics: Cellular Bonding & Remote Production
Sports Streaming Spotlights
Monetizing Live Streams
Maximizing Resources in the Field
Live Production in the Cloud
The New OTT Experience
Live Streaming Spotlights
Discovery Track: THEOplayer, GlobalLogic
Nahibin & Krishna - DT101_Nahibin.pptx
Discovery Track: Netint, Interra Systems
Ray Adensamer - DT102_Adensamer.pdf
Discovery Track: Wowza, JVC
Discovery Track: Xilinx
Discovery Track: Evertz, Limelight Networks
Steve Miller-Jones - DT105_Miller-Jones.pdf

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Streaming Media Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards sponsored by Teradek, Magwell, and Harmonic
Kickoff Session: Creating Advanced Media Experiences with HLS
Five Ways Blockchain Is Disrupting Entertainment
Luke Carriere - B201_Carriere.pdf
CDN Optimization: Working Toward Broadcast Economics & Quality at Scale
Internet Radio Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
Content Licensing in a Global Market
VMAF: The Journey Continues
Zhi Li - T201_Li(1).pdf
HOW-TO: Identifying Real-World Options for Live Streaming Playback
HOW-TO: Compare & Contrast Platforms Offering AI Video Insights
Jun Heider - T203_Heider.pdf
HOW-TO: Getting the Most Out of Progressive Web Apps
The State of Data in Video: Toward an Automated Future
Diane Strutner - OTT201_Strutner.pdf
Diane Strutner - OTT201_Strutner.pptx
Case Study: Sky News, the Royal Wedding, & Machine Learning
Myths of OTT Engagement: What Works & What Doesn’t in Personalization
Session time changed to 11:30am
Using CMAF to Cut Costs, Simplify Workflows, & Reduce Latency
Iraj Sodagar - VES201_Sodagar.pdf
Video Engineering Spotlights
Lowell Winger - VES202_Winger.pptx
WebRTC: The Future Champion of Low Latency Video
Alexandre Gouaillard - Download presentation here
Architecting Your Own One-to-Many Ultra-Low Latency Service
Live Content at Scale
Live Streaming Spotlights
John Capobianco - LS202_Capobianco.pptx
John Capobianco - LS202_Capobianco.pdf
Solo Streamers & Social Influencers
Technical Producer Panel
Discovery Track: Tektronix, Nanocosmos
Andrew Scott - DT201_Scott.pdf
Oliver Lietz - DT201_Lietz.pptx
Discovery Track: Synacor, SeaChange International
John Kavanagh - DT202_Kavanagh.pptx
Discovery Track Session: Hive Streaming, Panasonic
Discovery Track Session: Google Cloud
Wrap-Up Session: How YouTube Reaches the Mobile Generation
Tom Broxton - 1615_Broxton.pptx