Tom Broxton

UX Design Manager

Picture of Tom BroxtonTom Broxton currently leads the design teams for Google Video Ads advertiser experiences. This involves the buying controls for video ads across platforms. He has previously led the consumer facing ads formats teams, and the viewer experience for the mobile and TV teams. Other roles include Product Design lead at Facebook where he managed the Ads Delivery Design teams: responsible for matching the right ad to the right user and providing privacy controls, and he is the designer of YouTube’s original video analytics platform. He’s extensively studied viral videos and co­authored a paper on their spread across social networks (Catching a Viral Video, 2010 IEEE SIASP@ICDM).

Tom has also worked as a designer, consultant and creative lead in the UK with organisations such as the United Nations Development Program, local government bodies, Brandwatch and He was a key contributor to the early versions of the BBC News Online website.

Streaming Media West 2018