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Lowell Winger

Sr. Director Engineering

Picture of Lowell WingerFrom Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa, joined Pixstream's MPEG-2 broadcast video networking development and was acquired by Cisco in 2000.  Subsequently, founded Videolocus and as CTO provided the worlds-first realtime broadcast H264/AVC encoder (licensed to Modulus Video & deployed by Arris/Motorola). Transitioned to Distinguished Engineer at LSI with a 2002 acquisition into its C-Cube division. Upon acquisition by Magnum Semiconductor in 2007, assumed the role of Chief Scientist, VP. Acquired 2016 by Gigpeak, as Chief Scientist, Software, and was subsequently acquired in 2017 by IDT. 85 US patents granted. Standards Council of Canada (SCC), JTC1/SC29, Vice Chair (MPEG & JPEG). Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada. 

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