Kip Schauer

Global Head of Media and Entertainment
Google Cloud

Picture of Kip SchauerKip is the Global Head of the Media and Entertainment vertical for the Google Cloud.  Previous to Google, Kip spent ten years at Aspera, a high speed file transfer company, as the Worldwide VP of Sales.  Kip joined Aspera when the company had 10 employees and helped grow the company from a small start-up to acquisition by IBM.  Kip focused on working with customers, speaking at events and leading teams focused on many diverse markets. He has worked with movie studios, video production houses, cable, telco and OTT providers and created multiple vertically focused teams working with cable/telcos, Intel/Defense and oil/gas as they often have the same challenges as the media industry. Prior to Aspera, Kip spent 5 years at Pinnacle Systems, a software video editing company, running the team responsible for bundling software with Dell, Gateway, HP, Canon and others.  Kip is based out of Denver, Colorado.

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