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Alexandre Gouaillard

Founder and CEO
CosMo Software Consulting

Picture of Alexandre GouaillardSerial Entrepeneur with an academic R&D background, "Dr Alex" has been part of the WebRTC Effort since the start.

He actively participates to the standardization effort at W3C and IETF and non-standard-oriented industry consortium and alliance like IMTC and AOMedia, focussing his efforts on testing and quality.

His teams contributed code to all the major browser vendors, and to the open-source libwebrtc that all the solutiosn vendors use today.

Recognized by several Pioneer and Industry awards in the ecosystem, he co-founded three webrtc start-ups, Temasys, CoSMo and Millicast with different business models, PaaS, tools and services, as well as application domains, from Video Conferencing to Streaming.

Streaming Media West 2018