Josh Wiggins

Chief Commercial Officer

Picture of Josh WigginsWith over 20 years’ of experience in Operations, Systems Implementation, Customer Service, Account Management, and Sales, Josh Wiggins has provided and supported technology and SaaS solutions internationally for Ascent Media, Digitalsmiths, T3Media, Deluxe Media and now, GrayMeta. He has broad experience and knowledge in metadata and content workflows with global cloud, on-premises, and hybrid-based solutions. Today, Josh leads with the same forward-thinking approach at GrayMeta, as the Chief Commercial Officer, where they are shaping the future of how metadata is created, curated, and consumed within organizations. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, GrayMeta is solving complex data challenges by increasing organizational efficiencies within the Media & Entertainment, Law Enforcement, and Healthcare industries, as well as other public and private organizations.

Streaming Media West 2018