Tao Chen

Advanced R&D, Media Technology

Picture of Tao ChenTao is VP of Advanced R&D, Media Technology at Adeia. He is responsible for initiating and leading R&D projects, supporting the CTO in defining the future technology roadmap and research strategy. Prior to joining Adeia, Tao was Senior Director, Applied Research at Dolby. He managed R&D teams to develop core technologies for various applications including Dolby Vision, which won a Best of CES Award in 2020. Earlier, he was with Panasonic Hollywood Lab and led the development of specs and encoding systems for Blu-ray and 3D production.

Tao was an honoree by the Primetime Engineering Emmy for his contributions to Dolby’s Philo T. Farnworth Award in 2021, and a recipient of Emmy Engineering Award in 2008. He won Silver Awards at the Panasonic Technology Symposium in 2004 and 2009. Tao received the award of Most Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis from the Computer Science Association, Australia, in 2001.

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