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Sushil Prabhu

Co-Founder & CEO
Dropp Micropayments

Picture of Sushil PrabhuSushil Prabhu has been a technology leader, innovator, and entrepreneur for over 30 years. He is the CEO and co-founder of Dropp, a digital micropayment platform. Before Dropp, he spent 16 years as CEO and co-founder of OpenCrowd, a Fintech product innovation firm helping Investment banks and startups build and launch products.

Before co-founding OpenCrowd, Prabhu was the Chief Technology Officer of Scient, one of the fastest-growing Internet Services firms in 2000. Sushil was responsible for architecting and building online banking and peer-to-peer payment systems for major global banks. He was also Director of Technology for Cambridge Technology Partners, the most successful client-server distributed technology services firm in the 90s.

Connect with Sushil on LinkedIn and follow Dropp on Twitter (@droppcc).


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