Thomas Davies

Distinguished Engineer
Visionular, Inc

Picture of Thomas DaviesThomas is a Distinguished Engineer with Visionular, a video encoding and streaming software product provider, with both its on-premise and Cloud SAAS API solutions, leveraging AI+Codec core technologies.

Thomas was Principal Engineer at Cisco, where he led the deployment of AV1 in Webex video conferencing and was a principal developer of the world’s first real-time software HD AV1 video encoder. Cisco was a founding member of the AOM consortium and Thomas was a major contributor to the AV1 standard.

While at Cisco, Thomas also participated in the HEVC standardization process, and in the development and optimization of real-time HEVC and H.264 codec solutions.

Prior to Cisco, Thomas led video codec research at the BBC and after early work on digital wireless camera systems, he co-developed the SMPTE VC-2 codec standard for television production that spearheaded important contributions to the HEVC standard.

Thomas received his Ph.D. and MSc in Mathematics from Warwick University, after earning a BA from Oxford University.

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