Navdeep Saini

Co-Founder & CEO

Picture of Navdeep SainiNavdeep Saini is co-Founder & CEO of DistroScale, Inc., the leading native content marketplace that is connecting the world’s leading publishers with the best-known brands to deliver in-context, high quality native content. With a software engineering pedigree, an entrepreneurial drive and a clear vision for the future of advertising, Saini has played an important role in defining the digital advertising ecosystem since its advent. As VP of Engineering at Doubleclick and later, Yahoo!, Saini helpd design and build what became the industry’s standards digital advertising network for display and rich media advertising. He later founded several successful start ups, including Permuto (which was acquired by Aol and re-named Buysight) and Buildscale. Prior to DistroScale, Saini was SVP of Ad Products and Engineering at Glam Media.

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