Mike Rotman

CEO and Founder
Streamin Garage

Picture of Mike RotmanMike Rotman is a new media producer, director, and 20 year TV veteran. His credits include “South Park,” “The Simple Life,” “Nanny 911,” and an Emmy nomination for Best Writing on “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.”

Mike was one of the first traditional media professionals to transition to web. In 1993, he produced the first live AOL chat on NBC’s “Later with Greg Kinnear.” Mike also wrote, directed, and produced the first “Blair Witch” spoof to debut online (“The Oz Witch Project” in 1999). In 2002, he created the first live daily reality show called “Star Wait” and independently built up the site to over 200,000 views per day (nearly 4 years before the official launch of YouTube) that in 2005 lead to a distribution deal to sell the DVD in Target stores across North America.

In 2010, Mike left television to create his own online production and live streaming company called Streamin’ Garage. Literally built in his own garage, Streamin’ Garage was the first ever multicamera HD live streaming company on the web and featured innovative shows including “Stupid for Movies” & “Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith.” Since then, Streamin’ Garage has sold shows and ad campaigns to Will Smith, Nerdist ("Kids Court with Andy Kindler") Ora, Trojan Condoms and Discovery Online as well as live streamed some of the biggest names in entertainment including James Cameron and Brad Pitt.
Mike was Head of Production for the YouTube multichannel network Big Frame and ran theYouTube funded channel Bammo. Through Mike’s leadership, the channel received nearly 13 million views and built up over 160,000 subscribers in less than one year. 

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