James Lauzun

VP of Product

Picture of James LauzunJames Lauzun believes we've entered a new phase of the streaming revolution. How services respond to this era of maximum consumer choice will determine their success or failure. When consumers have multiple consumption methods overlapping across devices and platforms, streaming providers must go beyond having quality content and demonstrate to consumers "why" their service and content is compelling. This mission critical task for FAST and SVOD is solved through data and positioning, and is James' area of expertise and focus. He is an entrepreneur, a thought-leader in the space of niche SVOD and FAST, and the VP of Product for MagellanTV where he helped take the service "from 0 to 1." Along with the SVOD service, "MagellanTV Documentaries," he also oversees an expanding lineup of successful FAST channels across Samsung, Roku, and many other platforms.

Streaming Media East 2023

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