Thursday, September 13 – 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET  
Viewers are increasingly watching live sports and other realtime events online, but the inherent delay in traditional online streaming often means they learn about an important play from social media before they are able to see it. Delivering true realtime global online streaming requires a new approach.

Join us as video delivery experts from Limelight Networks present ways to deliver broadcast quality low-latency live streams, including the ability for viewers to watch live video with less than one second of latency on standard web browsers—without special plug-ins. In addition, we will discuss how to integrate live video and interactive data to open up new workflows in sports, gaming, auctions, and more and make live viewing a more interactive social experience.

We will discuss,
  • Latest market data on the evolving viewer expectations for online
  • Delivering low-latency live video with HLS and DASH chunked streaming techniques
  • Realtime global live streaming using WebRTC
  • How integrated live bidirectional data sharing can help open up new business opportunities
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Troy Dreier
Charles Kraus
Sr. Manager Product Marketing
Limelight Networks
Heath Kerley
Product Manager
Limelight Networks