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iiSIZE is a deep-tech company that specializes in deep learning for intelligent and sustainable video delivery. Its proprietary deep perceptual optimizer uses AI trained to ‘see with the human eye’ in order to optimize video quality and offers significant bitrate savings for all video encoding standards, including AVC, HEVC and AV1. The first technology of its kind, it is deployed as an add-on feature to existing conventional video encoding pipelines, without requiring any changes in the streaming process or client devices. This unique approach results in substantial bandwidth, energy and cost savings for VoD and live streaming services, broadcasters and other video entertainment platforms.

Product Description

BitSave is the next generation AI technology offered by iSIZE Technologies for fast and low complexity precoding with significant bitrate savings. Available both as a SaaS platform at and for on- premise use as a “bolt-on” solution on top of any standard or proprietary video codec.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Deep Video Precoder for Energy-Saving Clients
    As discussed in recent interviews at and techerati, video is now beginning to cause major spikes in IP network traffic, energy consumption of data centers, and battery usage of end-user devices. With regards to network traffic, well-established mechanisms, like DASH, HLS and CMAF, handle network bandwidth fluctuations and bandwidth limitations by allowing for clients to switch to lower-bitrate and (typically) lower-resolution versions of the video during playback at the expense of quality-of-experience (QoE) degradation.
  • Reverse-engineering visual quality through pixel-to-pixel deep neural networks
    The focus of iSize was originally on the intelligent live upscaling of video, and that’s still a very active area for us. We have done a lot of testing on live video upscaling from HD to 4K and beyond.
  • Creating Perceptually Optimized Videos in the Cloud
    Encoding and delivery of high-quality video content is a defining trait of successful Video-on-Demand (VoD) platforms. How do we define quality in video?

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