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WiseDV Inc.

WiseDV Inc.
  • 12692 Via Colmenar
  • San Diego California 92129
  • United States
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Media and broadcast outlets have more opportunities than ever to reach viewers and audiences, but missing or mishandling these opportunities is unacceptable for survival in today’s evolving media landscape.

With OTT and Playout Service from WiseDV, you can exceed customers’ expectations and deliver great streaming in as quickly as one week.

Rather than expensive, inflexible, and difficult-to-scale on-prem solutions, WiseDV’s cloud-based software enables a great end-user experience at a competitive price.

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WiseDV is headquartered in San Diego, California with an additional development team based in India. We pride ourselves on a collaborative environment and a culture in which everyone is empowered to contribute. 

April 26, 2022 - Playout, Ad Insertion, and Multi-Group Video Conference technology specialist demonstrated the enhanced features of Playout Server, Automated Sports Highlights, and multi-group BozuGameParty at NAB 2022.


Product Description

WisePlay - Linear, and Interactive Playout Solution.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • WisePlay - Playout Server
    WisePlay is a real-time and easy-to-use software to schedule and create programs for broadcasters. It plays all the industry-standard media files, secondary events, graphics, and it delivers High-Quality Video with 8 layers of graphics and multiple audio channels. It has a browser-based user interface to configure the sequence of the Programs, Media Files, Graphics, and Assets for up to 6 months in advance. Plays graphics like Static and Animated Logos, Crawls, Alerts, Play Now/Next and Audio/L-Squeeze Overlays with any degree of Transparency and transitions applied manually. It supports 4K (2160p), 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i, and all standard broadcast resolutions. Also supports SCTE 104/35 and optional Cue Tone Detection. Generates daily EPG and takes back-up of the program schedules automatically with restore options. Plays live UDP/RTP/RTSP/HTTP/HLS Streams on the Channel as per schedules. Specially designed for Broadcasters and Cable Operators to manage multiple channels simultaneously.
  • WiseAdInserter - Ad and Graphics Inserter
    WiseAdInserter IP/ASI/SDI is a real-time software-based system that inserts video ads, graphics, logos, and text anywhere on SD or HD live streams with any level of transparency. Broadcasters, cable companies, and content providers can easily “brand” their video content with graphics based on schedules. With low processing power, AI-based techniques detect and replace image/phone numbers in the live stream. WiseAdInserter is web manageable, supports H.264 or MPEG-2, and can detect SCTE35 or Cue Tone triggers to insert scheduled Advertisements.
  • WiseOTT - Middleware for OTT and IPTV
    WiseOTT is a customizable, fully secured, cloud-enabled middleware for Set Top Box, Android, iOS, ROKU, and smart TV platforms like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. It enables operators to serve content over Cable, OTT, and IPTV uniformly. It has subscription-based content delivery. Video Streams are encrypted from the Admin Panel and are decrypted at the WiseOTT Applications. Video On Demand (VOD) Movies content is added to WiseOTT for Video Assets. For branding local Ad Insertion, it can be integrated with WiseAdInserter which is inserting Ads on SCTE35 and Cue tone detection. Multi profile HLS Output with SCTE35 markers is also available through WiseSSAI.
  • WiseCue2SCT - Cue Tone to SCTE Conversion
    WiseCue2SCT is a real-time analog and digital cue tone detection and conversion system for DTMF Inputs to SCTE 35. Intelligently designed to support legacy analog satellite-based advertising distribution systems. It detects embedded cue tone in the IP stream from IRD and converts to SCTE 35. Using UDP to HLS Converter, it generates multi-profile HLS Output with SCTE 35 Markers in Manifest. Supports 1 to 24 channels of simultaneous Cue Tone sequence detection. SCTE 35/104 to Cue Tone Conversion is also possible. It works with Packet Loss Correction Technology like SRT/Zixi to protect the stream from jitter, bandwidth fluctuations, and packet loss.
  • WiseSSAI - Server Side Ad Insertion
    Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is a dynamic ad insertion process done on the server-side. WiseSSAI accepts input as single profile live or HLS stream and generates multi-profile ASI/UDP MPEG-TS streams as output. It adapts different bandwidths to support poor connections by rendering a lower-quality stream without buffering. Through VAST communication, it fetches target-oriented Ads from Ad Server and inserts them into the live stream, which is highly beneficial to monetization. HLS Manipulator with Server-Side Ad Insertion is used to detect SCTE35 triggers and insert Advertisement files in the HLS Source Stream. Master Playlist is generated with multi-profiles HLS links with different bandwidths, resolutions, frame rates, and subtitles. The viewers have a soothing eye experience in transitions between ad and live, just like terrestrial TV. The multi-profile manifest supports viewership from high to low bandwidth clients.

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