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Unreal Streaming Technologies

Unreal Streaming Technologies
  • 2781 Townley circle
  • Atlanta GA 30340
  • USA
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Unreal Streaming Technologies develops streaming software solutions since 2003.

Our mission is to develop, popularize and market IP streaming solutions for commercial use as well as for non-profit and educational organizations and multimedia enthusiasts. Large part of our software products is free or has limitations that don't affect home users. We think that our hard work should be useful to people, first of all.

Product Description

Unreal Media Server

Unreal Media Server is a high-performance streaming server software designed for low latency applications such as IP video surveillance, video conferencing, online auctions, sports betting and digital signage.


ffmpegable is a frontend GUI application for ffmpeg, allowing centralized control and automation of multiple ffmpeg processes. ffmpegable is intended to be used for continuous, non-stop ingest-publish scenarios for live streams. ffmpegable addresses the needs of IPTV/OTT operators who ingest, reprocess and republish live streams; it replaces video ingest and processing servers with great flexibility and efficiency of ffmpeg.

HLS Archive

HLS Archive is a DVR and retrieval system for live HLS streams. HLS Archive addresses the needs of IPTV/OTT operators who want to record live HLS streams and provide DVR-like access to the archive with multiple viewing options.


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