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  • Australia
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Shotstack provides companies with the building blocks to create innovative video experiences. Shotstack's media developer platform provides companies of all sizes with convenient APIs that power applications that create, automate and personalise millions of data driven videos.

Develop media centric applications using a cloud hosted, fully managed media editing service that will save you hundreds of hours developing and configuring software and eliminate the need to deploy, manage, monitor, and maintain your own infrastructure. 


Product Description

Media generation API

The Shotstack media generation API provides all the creative features needed to generate videos, images and audio using a simple JSON specification based on familiar non-linear video editing principles.

Cut, trim and stitch video clips, customise and resize images, add overlays and watermarks, filters transitions and effects, all out of the box and ready to use with a few lines of code.

Serve API

Shotstack provides a asset hosting service for your generated videos, images and audio files. Assets are stored on a high availability storage system and served globally via a world wide content delivery network (CDN). An asset management API makes it easy to look up the details of an asset and to delete assets that are no longer needed.

Media Inspector API

When working with user generated content or media form third party services, you may not have details about the asset, like width, height, duration, or framerate. The Shotstack Media Inspector API provides you with the ability to retrieve metadata for any asset hosted online.