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ShareStream is a leader in online video and media management solutions for education, training and professional development.

ShareStream fulfills rising demand from educational institutions and enterprises for integrating video-hosting and streaming-media services into instructional technology, the library, distance learning, and campus communications.

Among other benefits, implementation of the ShareStream Platform enables organizations to:

  • Enhance student engagement and learning outcomes
  • Simplify video workflows
  • Embrace innovative teaching models, including flipped classrooms and active learning
  • Secure and control access to content through Digital Rights Management
  • Consolidate multiple silos of media content into a centralized, institution-wide media-management system to achieve economies of scale.

Product Description

The ShareStream Video Platform is tailored to the unique needs of academic institutions, where streamlined content ingestion, massive-scale transcoding, automated closed captioning, centralized media management, and collaborative video-based learning are paramount.

The ShareStream Platform includes:

  • Pick-n-Play, an application that enables users to find, play and interact with media content from any device with ease
  • ShareStream Capture, a native mobile app for recording, uploading and sharing media content
  • MediaManager, a full-featured administrative media-management solution for vast collections of media content
  • Integrations with Learning Management Systems
  • Analytics dashboards for media content that enable educators and trainers to glean insights on learner engagement.