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ST Engineering iDirect

ST Engineering iDirect
  • 13861 Sunrise Valley Drive
  • Suite 300
  • Herndon VA 20171
  • United States
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With a heritage of innovation that spans over 35 years, ST Engineering iDirect is a global leader in satellite communications and serves key sectors including broadcast, mobility, enterprise and broadband, cellular backhaul and trunking, military/government and IoT. We provide industry-leading equipment for IP Satellite Newsgathering, DTH, head-end distribution and OTT over satellite. Together with our partners, Broadpeak, EKT, EasyBroadcast and Quadrille, we pioneered SKYflow, the world’s first Native IP over satellite solution, delivering OTT content in unicast and multicast to every screen, enabling a plethora of use cases including mobility, distance learning, DTH and telemedicine.

Product Description

SKYflow, a cutting-edge ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) live streaming solution over satellite, leveraging multicast-ABR technology. The solution offers premium quality, cost-effective, large reach, low latency delivery of live video to mobile devices and large screens alike. The introduction of SKYflow now opens the door for many use cases that require the advantage of ABR streaming while leveraging satellite delivery of OTT content. SKYflow is the first demonstration of DVB Native IP using GSE or MPE encapsulation. Here, a VSAT platform addresses a hybrid network of unidirectional and bidirectional connected remote PoPs (points of presence). For unidirectional communication only, MPE or GSE encapsulation can be used. There’s now an open door to completely new standards of user access, outreach, and flexibility. The implications are far-reaching: content delivery - so often previously limited to entertainment - will now enable:

  • Media and Broadcast entities to have an unrivalled raft of cost-effective options
  • Educational institutions to reach their students, almost regardless of location; this technology effectively brings education to everywhere in the world
  • Healthcare providers to offer telemedicine services, reaching households across very broad demographics - for example, there may not be access to a computer, but the via the television, families can enjoy vital information and content
  • Government and Defence - fundamentally avoiding gaps in critical data and end-to-end access regardless of context, place, urgency and application
  • Aeronautical - a near-ideal solution to the most challenging issues of global coverage and range
  • Land mobility: freedom from endless connectivity searches and flexible access to channels 24/7
  • Maritime: commercial and recreational shipping will be able access marine information, however remote the location, 24/7 - vitally enhancing crew morale and professional skills
  • Enterprise and corporates now have a transformational resource for business training, infotech, AI management and entertainment

Effectively, the SKYflow breakthrough means –

  • Substantial savings on network costs
  • A ready-made and ready-to-deploy ecosystem, supported by leaders in the industry
  • A comprehensive one-stop shop
  • XaaS models