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Resi Media

Resi Media
  • 3821 W 88th Ave
  • Westminster Colorado 80031
  • United States
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Resi provides multi-platform online and physical site-to-site video streaming with unprecedented quality and reliability. Through the patented Resilient Streaming Protocol, 100% content transmission is possible even through complete internet disruptions.

By utilizing a short delay, perfect content upload is ensured before viewers see it – eliminating those special effects like buffering, frame-drops, or glitches.

Internet connection loss can occur for up to 90 seconds and online viewers won’t notice a thing. If it is lost for longer, the encoder will start sending content from where it left off, making sure that every frame of video makes it to viewers perfectly.

Product Description

With existing live streaming technology, if video from the encoder doesn’t make it to the cloud within a few seconds, that video content is lost and the cloud transcoder will not have a perfect copy to transcode into multiple bitrates. Thus, all viewers will see video that has been transcoded with missing data, resulting in a poor viewing experience including buffering wheels, jitters and quality loss.

With the Resi Live Stream Platform, powered by the patented Resilient Streaming Protocol, there is no time restriction on when the video is sent to the cloud, and the transcoder can wait for a perfect and complete copy, without worry of temporary network interruptions delaying the transmission. This means, for the first time, viewers will see perfect quality video across any device. Even a 2-minute delay makes a huge difference in viewer quality, resulting in a high-quality, uninterrupted viewing experience atypical of most live environments.

Resi's Multisite Platform ensures complete content transmission to multiple physical sites, extending the potential resiliency to the delay time between encode and playback. The turnkey platform includes Multisite Encoders for realtime video capture, LAN and Cloud distribution for scalable delivery, Multisite Decoders for live/DVR playback, and proactive support including weekends.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Behind The Scenes with Ramsey Live Productions
    In 1994, Dave Ramsey stood next to an overhead projector presenting a message of hope. With a room full of 37 people listening and learning, he described a period in his life where unexpected financial turmoil eventually led to Ramsey filing for bankruptcy at the age of 26. Today, far removed from those tumultuous events, Ramsey Solutions employs over 900 team members and reaches millions of individuals with that same message of hope—minus the overhead projector of course. Between best-selling books, nationally syndicated radio shows, inspiring classes, and an ever-expanding network of resources, Dave’s organization provides a vast array of “experiences” designed to equip and empower customers with tools to recover their financial freedom.
  • Resi Equip: Stream Like Red Rocks Church
    This Resi Equip session features Video Director from Red Rocks Church, Katrina Clark. Red Rocks is known for their distinctive “cinematic” look to their video production. Katrina, who has directed at Red Rocks for the past seven years, has been a guiding force behind this vision and continues to regularly create magic through directing Red Rocks services, events, and live album recordings.
  • StoryBrand – Companies Moving to a New Age of Event Hosting
    Tim Schurrer, the COO of StoryBrand, was like many other executives at the beginning of the pandemic. Schurrer saw a problem approaching his sales model. He was going to have to make a change, and fast. “We were able to flip into pivoting our message to being one, which was pulling people to an in-person experience, to a shift to providing all of what they would have received content-wise to an in-person event online.” Schurrer, only weeks out of having a child, sprung into action. He canceled venues once planned for large crowds and worked on finding a suitable streaming alternative to keep those who were planning on attending still within reach.
  • Elevation Church Production Tour
    We toured Elevation’s broadcast site in Ballantyne, NC to see how they stream and produce consistently excellent services across their 19 locations and online.
  • Live Streaming With Starlink: Why Resi Makes Sense
    Despite the exponential growth of the Internet, there are still many regions of the world without reliable access. In fact, 36.8% of the world population still doesn’t have access to the Internet at all. Many of these people lack Internet access because the areas they live in are unsuitable or cost-prohibitive for traditional ground-based infrastructure like wires and cables. SpaceX’s Starlink project aims to connect the entire globe to the Internet, even in previously inaccessible areas, using low orbit satellites. High-performance satellite Internet could be an incredible opportunity for not just consumers, but video broadcasters and other businesses as well. In this post, we’ll look at what Starlink is, why it could be useful for video streaming, and how broadcasters can make their Starlink streaming infrastructure even more reliable with Resi.

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