NPAW (Nice People At Work)

NPAW (Nice People At Work)
  • Roc Boronat 23
  • Barcelona Barcelona 08005
  • Spain
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NPAW is the leading big data company helping online video services grow by facilitating smart decision-making across the entire video business. Our advanced, agile, and highly scalable analytics infrastructure enables OTTs, broadcasters, telcos and media companies to efficiently build engaging media experiences to maximize revenue. Privately held, NPAW was founded in 2008 and has offices in Barcelona and New York and teams throughout the world.


Product Description

YOUBORA Suite, the company’s flagship product and the industry most advanced video analytics platform, provides OTTs, broadcasters, telcos and media companies with in-depth, real-time and predictive insights of their platform’s performance and audience’s behavior. This ensures flawless streaming quality, predicts and reduces churn, optimizes content acquisition and content discovery efficiencies, and improves ad monetization strategies.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • YOUBORA Suite
    The most advanced video intelligence for online content providers. Real-time, granular, premium insights, leveraged by AI, to help video and media services build best-in-class end-user experiences and maximize revenue.
  • YOUBORA Analytics
    UNIQUE VISIBILITY TO HELP YOU OPTIMIZE YOUR SERVICE — The most advanced, real-time solution correlating platform performance, user behavior, content and advertisement to across the entire session to drive operations and build engaging media experiences for every single end-user,
  • YOUBORA CDN Balancer
    OPTIMAL CDN SWITCHING TOOL TO GUARANTEE THE BEST QOE — Intelligent algorithms also based on your business rules to help you balance your traffic in real time
    UNBIASED VISIBILITY AND TRANSPARENCY ON YOUR AD STRATEGY — Gain a neutral view of how your advertisement strategy performs
  • YOUBORA Users
    THE ULTIMATE MAGNIFIER FOR YOUR USER BASE — Predict churn, segment your audience and launched precisely targeted campaigns

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