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Mux is a software company that develops infrastructure and monitoring tools for developers and publishers of online video. Mux Data offers real-time Quality of Experience (QoE) analytics for video streaming, helping online media publishers deliver better video to their viewers. Mux Video is an API to live or VOD streaming at any scale. Founded by experts in online video, including the creators of the biggest open-source video player on the web (Video.js), the largest transcoding service in the cloud (Zencoder), and the premier conference for video engineers (Demuxed), Mux is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by top VCs. For more information visit

Product Description

Mux Video is an API-first platform for video encoding, storage, and streaming. Decisions like bitrate selection and CDN routing are driven by data, for better quality, reliability, and speed. Built for developers and designed by video experts, Mux Video makes beautiful video possible for every development team. POST a video; GET back a video URL that plays well on any device in just seconds. Advanced features like clipping, smart thumbnails, face detection etc, let you get creative with video publishing. Mux Video allows teams of all sizes to get up and running in minutes.


Mux Data is a real-time analytics platform used by some of the largest video brands in the world. Mux Data helps the engineering and operations teams at these companies monitor and improve video streaming performance by measuring the Quality of Experience of every stream: like rebuffering, startup time, video quality, and errors. Our intuitive dashboard quickly gives users the insight to find issues, see trends in real-time and make improvements, through features like A/B testing, smart visualizations, industry-wide scores, alerting backed by machine learning, and the ability to dig into every individual video view. The product works out of the box on HTML5, iOS, Android, and major OTT platforms, and data can be exported for use in other systems.


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