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Muvi is an Enterprise SaaS Product Company with a vision to make everyday streaming, content ownership & management an easy task to orchestrate in reality. Servicing clients across the globe through its products like Muvi One - An All-in-One OTT platform, Muvi Flex - A comprehensive audio/video delivery solution, Muvi Live - Low Latency Live Audio/Video Streaming Platform & Muvi Playout - An easy to use Cloud Playout software creating & streaming EPG Styled Cloud TV Channels via OTT medium. Muvi functions as the one-stop solution for all things an organization needs to go ‘digital first’, efficiently. Find out more at

Product Description

Muvi's Products:

Muvi One - World's only All-in-One OTT Platform for launching your own branded Multi-Device enabled OTT streaming service (Audio, Video, Live Streaming). Muvi One includes everything - End to end IT Infrastructure, DRM, Video/Audio Player, Analytics & Monetization to Website and Apps for Mobile & TV, all controlled from a single CMS. The platform boasts of the simplest user experience and go-to market timeframe by leveraging ‘no coding’ and ‘no IT team involvement’ for platform go-live. Signup for a no-obligation 14-days Free Trial of Muvi One at -

Muvi Flex - Muvi Flex is a comprehensive audio/video hosting & delivery platform that lets you enable immersive experiences on your websites, apps, and other platforms like Smart TVs and streaming sticks & devices. Upload, distribute and manage all video/audio content with an easy-to-use CMS and deliver the same across your website, apps or social media in 1-click. The product facilitates delivering responsive media solutions into customer websites and apps using Flex’s HTML5 player, powerful APIs, and flexible SDKs. Signup for a no-obligation 14-days Free Trial at -

Muvi Live - Muvi Live is an Enterprise-grade Live Streaming Platform to help deliver brand-defining live video & audio experience. It empowers customers with a Do-It-Yourself streaming flow and securely delivers buffer-free, low latency live streaming, streamed via multiple sources like on-ground cameras, web cams, mobile phones as well as screencaptures. Signup for a no-obligation 14-days Free Trial at -

Muvi Playout - Muvi Playout is a Cloud based playout software that allows customers to launch their own Cloud based EPG styled TV channels. It supports broadcasting pre-scheduled on-demand & live streaming content sequentially in real-time over the cloud. Deliver a frame-perfect, coherent online TV experience that works on the web, Android, iOS, and Smart TVs without any hassle - Only with Muvi Playout. Signup for a no-obligation 14-days Free Trial at -

Muvi Billing - Muvi Billing is a subscription management software that enables businesses to create & manage subscriptions and accept multi-currency payments from across the world, seamlessly. It is easy to accept multi-currency payments, deliver recurring, one time or custom invoices, create & offer bundles, offer discounts and coupons, create gift cards and setup custom billing policies on the go. Muvi Billing is designed specifically for dynamic business based on recurring revenue models, looking to automate their entire subscription order-to-revenue process seamlessly. Signup for a no-obligation 14-days Free Trial at -

Alie - Alie is an AI-powered Recommendation Engine that enables personalized user experience for websites and apps. Alie’s unique AI lead & ML enabled algorithms are designed to analyze user data & patterns and recommend personalized content in real-time with impeccable accuracy. Alie can recommend anything from content, to services, from digital to physical goods, empowering a variety of use cases from OTT services to eCommerce, Alie can be used in all. Powered by an API-led architecture, Alie is designed to easily integrate with any website or mobile & TV apps. Signup for a no-obligation 14-days Free Trial at -


Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • [Case Study] Muvi Helps Twisted Mirror Deliver Flawless Streaming Experience on Web & Mobile Devices
    At Twisted Mirror, uptime is everything. Born in the UK and spreading laughter across Europe, North America, and Australia, Twisted Mirror, the first-ever video-on-demand service dedicated to short-form comedy series, was in quest of a reliable video hosting and streaming platform to support its further expansion plans. Like any video streaming service, Twisted Mirror wants to serve its audience a remarkable viewing experience 24x7x365 with zero lag. With the growth in streaming audience and the technology evolving each passing day, instant playback, scalability, and security are table stakes. Twisted Mirror’s requirement was twofold. - The capacity to handle an unknown number of audience at a time with impeccable cross-platform delivery - Easy deployment and quicker time-to-market with minimal yet reliable infrastructure configuration The collaboration that had begun from a 14-day Free Trial resulted in a completely revamped video website and an optimized video workflow for Twisted Mirror that meliorated the quality of experience based on buffering percentage, loading time, playback errors, and more. Read the details in the case study.
  • [Case Study] Learn How The OZ Live Streaming Platform is Transforming Live Event Economy
    Learn how NETGIGS – the Adelaide-based global live streaming and e-commerce platform, is monetizing live events and managing event registration & ticketing in one place with the help of Muvi. Netgigs trusts Muvi as the streaming partner for its one-of-a-kind inclusive live streaming endeavor that ensures songwriters get their royalty, artists get their dues, and managers and promoters get their cuts – an altruistic, business approach worth applauding.
  • [Whitepaper] Live Streaming Latency: A Glass to Glass Analysis
    The term “Real-time live streaming” is a hot topic in the broadcasting industry and often is a bone of contention between the enablers and the broadcasters. That few seconds of latency during a soccer match can be a real excitement-killer if there is a variation in the concurrent live streams received by the viewing devices. Latency in live video is not an unconquerable problem. But multiple factors play a part and need to be considered to reduce latency even by 1-2 seconds. In this whitepaper, you will learn - Factors that cause live video latency - Which step adds to how much latency in the end-to-end live streaming workflow - Exclusive findings of a latency test conducted by AWS, the cloud partner of Muvi.
  • [Webinar] - Build your OTT ‘Multiverse’: One Build to Support Them All
    In this webinar, learn about how Muvi can help you grow your platform’s reach across various devices and OS's with zero coding in 2022. In this webinar, you will learn: Types of TV OS Current TV OS Market Essential Technology Stack Why and How are they different How to Support Them All App Store Listing Tips and Tricks
  • [Webinar] Fending Off Pirates: Protect Your Live Videos From Piracy
    In this webinar you’ll get to know : – What is piracy and its impact? – DRM as a piracy prevention solution – Basics of DRM – What it is and How it works? – Challenges of DRM – Other privacy prevention solutions – Encryption, Protected Live Streams, Paywall, Metadata, Embed Codes, License Agreements

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