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IBM Watson Media

IBM Watson Media
  • 425 Market Street
  • San Francisco California 94105
  • United States
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IBM Watson Media offers scalable, trusted and AI-driven video streaming solutions designed to solve today’s digital media challenges and power more engaging video experiences for virtual events, corporate communication, video marketing and more.


Solutions include comprehensive enterprise video streaming offerings, with support for live and on-demand video content. Can offer a customizable video portal with built-in corporate directory authentication or embeds with registration capabilities. AI-driven processes are also available for automated closed captions on live and on-demand video along with deep search capabilities, accessed inside the video player, on archived content.


Product Description

IBM Video Streaming and IBM Enterprise Video Streaming are comprehensive video solutions. Ease of use based, the offerings support virtually any RTMP based encoder and can be managed from web-based interfaces.

The solutions, which can be either for external content or for internal enterprise content with SSO (Single Sign-On), let you scale engaging video content to large audiences.

  • Multi-CDN delivery that's been tested to reliably deliver live streams to over a million concurrent viewers
  • QoS (Quality of Service) algorithms for an improved user experience
  • Video analyzed by IBM Watson for automated live and on demand caption generation
  • Features AI-driven deep search within videos or archives for automated keyword search based on spoken content
  • Automatic live transcoding for combability across mobile devices
  • Can be used with IBM Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) on location for caching video for reduced network strain


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