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Digital Harmonic

Digital Harmonic
  • 6031 University Boulevard
  • Suite 235
  • Ellicott City MD 21043
  • USA
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Seeing is Believing.

Digital Harmonic’s cutting-edge solution — Keyframe — dramatically increases video stream quality enabling significant bandwidth reduction for live and video-on-demand streaming by up to 80%. Seamless to implement — with zero impact to existing H.264, H.265, VP9, or AV1 encoding pipelines — Keyframe easily configures as a “bump-in-the-wire” for real-time image, video, or stream processing workflows. Keyframe operates on the client-side allowing upstream bandwidth reductions in situations where the client is not modifiable.

Keyframe is just one of Digital Harmonic’s products that increase critical decision-making speed and accuracy for commercial, government, and healthcare industries.