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The delivery of content is changing, are you changing with it? At Dell EMC our storage, server and network technologies are designed to simplify your live and on-demand workflows of today and lead the way in new streaming opportunities such as Cloud DVR and OTT. From private to public clouds, Dell EMC gives you the power to gain a competitive edge in building a solution that will get you closer to your customer with the flexibility to adapt. Find out why over 300 media organizations chose Dell EMC for their encode, origin and OTT workflows in the last three years.

Product Description

Dell EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS Storage can be utilized in all parts of the M&E workflow, from enhancing creation to high stream count delivery workflows. Our future proof platform is designed to unlock the future of M&E, supporting delivery requirements from 4K/UHD, HDR, VR, Cloud DVR to data insights.

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Object Storage can satisfy the need for cost effective, fast-growing, always available and geographical located media content libraries. The ECS storage platform is designed for unlimited scalability. ECS provides a TCO less than public cloud—for unmatched storage efficiency, resiliency and simplicity.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Dell EMC Isilon Scale out NAS Storage Solution
    With over 2000 organization using Isilon scale-out NAS for file based media workflows and 1.5 EB of storage sold in just the last 3 years, the market leading Isilon storage solution continues to help media professionals consolidate, simplify and accelerate their workflows. This simple, powerful and proven platform enables media professionals to focus on creating and delivering great stories instead of managing their storage
  • Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Object Storage Solution
    The Elastic Cloud Storage object based storage platform simplifies the availability of digital media with a multi-site, active-active architecture that enables content owners, producers, distributors, and consumers to have always-on, fully distributed digital media access across the globe. Organizations that rely on delivering media to multi-site applications, devices or consumers/users will be especially receptive to the fully distributed architecture that ECS provides.

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