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DVEO division of Computer Modules, Inc.

DVEO division of Computer Modules, Inc.
  • 11409 West Bernardo Court
  • San Diego California 92127
  • USA
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DVEO® is a leader in Encoding, Transcoding, Delivering, and Decoding video over IP. Created in 1981, DVEO® works worldwide to reinvent the cable, telco, and broadcasters market into the future of IP. Elected by Streaming Media "one of the most important, most innovative, and most interesting companies in the online video field" at the 2020 Streaming Media 50 list, DVEO offers cutting-edge technology for streaming hardware.

DVEO® started by building "process control" equipment in the ’80s. In the ’90s, the company created data communications products for the IBM PC and in the early 2000s, DVEO® dived into the broadcast hardware market pioneering the DVB-ASI format. In 2007, the company started to focus on video over IP, and recently DVEO® went on to provide solutions for Playout Server, Ad Insertion, Middleware (IPTV and OTT), Live Streaming, Stream Analysis, Stream monitoring 24/7, and RF Analysis

Product Description

We make it happen: by equipment and by services


Are you a DIY person? Don't worry! At you find the right equipment for your streaming or broadcasting.


Traditional or a FAST Channel? We offer an entire ecosystem to your company to make your channel happen.

We know that your time Is precious and we have the most comprehensive solutions accompanied by top support.

Self-management or fully-management: we have the solution for your playout service.

All the technical expertise to work on your downlink facilities.

Satellite, SRT… doesn't matter! We are able to send your channels to any corner of the world.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Brutus GPU
    The Brutus™ GPU: TELCO is a real-time multichannel device that is able to transcode streams into bit rates and protocols that are best suited for the targeted viewing devices. It is designed to be scalable, easily adaptable, customizable, and ?eld upgradeable to meet the needs of broadband network operators who are now more than comfortable with Linux® based appliances. We have also optimized the transcode engine to get the best possible ef?ciency from each core.
    The IRIDIUM is a real-time Multichannel Bidirectional ASI to IP Gateway and IP to ASI Converter with Pro-MPEG FEC. Great for Studio to Transmitter Links, ENG (Electronic News Gathering) – Stream content to and from remote locations, ASI input to Cable System, distance education/Corporate training, and converting ASI out from encoders to IP (and vice versa).
    The Playserver II is a playout server with broadcast quality, real-time, 1 RU, 1-4 Channels Highly Automated with real-time scheduling with switching between live and local origination. Splices, Overlays, or Surrounds video with Ads, Graphics, Logos, SLATES, or Text anywhere on the Live or Local Stream
    Q-Check is a real-time, multi-tile, video stream analysis system for simultaneous ETR 290 1/2/3 analysis + monitoring of 65 SD MPEG-2 or H.264 video and audio transport streams.
  • VMON: ATSC 3.0™?
    ATSC 3.0 is here after many years of hard work by the U.S. and Korean engineers coming together to create the next generation of RF broadcasting. In order to compete with upcoming 5G cellular and broadband, the new standard had to support 4K 60p UHD and much higher bit rates along with interactivity later on. Its RF modulation relies on OFDM. Being that ATSC 3.0 is still in its early stages there are relatively few tools in existence and the ones available are expensive. With this in mind, VMON: ATSC 3.0 is an affordable multichannel MMT decoder - viewer and basic analyzer that allows engineers to view many MMT streams all at once.

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