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DVEO division of Computer Modules, Inc.

DVEO division of Computer Modules, Inc.
  • 11409 West Bernardo Court
  • San Diego California 92127
  • USA
  • PH: +1 858-613-1818
  • FAX: +1 858-613-1815
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DVEO is a well established provider of TELCO class equipment focusing on- on Premises and cloud video delivery and transport solutions to Tier 1 and Tier 2 telcos. It has become a leader in important  segments such as Transport Stream Grooming,  Video Servers, and Ad Insertion. In the last year it has focused on its end to end IPTV and OTT solutions. We have now deployed with our IPTV platform with some  independent telcos. DVEO's competitive advantages is the ability to offer comprehensive IPTV solutions entirely within self developed software coupled with a worldwide reputation for outstanding technical support.

Product Description

DVEO's cloud version of our patented award-winning DOZER™ error correcting protocol is a cost-effective, state-of-the art tool that flawlessly delivers content streams to your media servers in the cloud. Ideal for operators who want to deliver content from their local source to overseas affiliates without packet loss and with AES128 security. Savings come in OPEX since there are minimal up front expenses and very low manpower is needed.

Live/VOD Servers with Catch-up TV and Live Time Shift over HLS
The DVEO ATLAS™ Packaging Server Family is a cost-efficient way for smaller telcos and cable operators to deliver live and on-demand multi-bitrate IPTV and OTT services. The multichannel systems convert live or stored transport streams into adaptive bitrate (ABR) protocols such as HLS or DASH, for multiscreen delivery to Roku® players and iOS and Android devices. Available in six different configurations, ATLAS Packaging Servers stream live or VOD to 700 to 42,000 multiple simultaneous users.

ATLAS™ Traffic Saver
A DRM equipped media server that supports just in time VOD/LIVE/CDN applications. It will ingest virtually any type of feed or content and insert ads, and package it to serve live, catch up, or create origin VOD with adaptive rate streams with playlists, to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

A scalable "Your Branded" "Cloud" or "On Premises" content delivery platform that provides self managed upload, transcode/ad insertion, grooming, geofencing, delivery, and player support. The turn-key, customizable solution is suitable for Telco TV/OTT and cable operators, service providers, universities, businesses, and other organizations. Operators can also generate revenue via subscriptions and/or advertising.

A secure IPTV ecosystem that delivers corporate or educational channels or broadcast content to every desktop, monitor, and screen throughout an organization. Designed to work with DVEO's zXORA™ Player or "THEOplayer™". Ships with ATLAS™ and IPTV Controller™ servers to serve thousands of users simultaneously. Includes comprehensive EPG, plus management tools to view and control user and group permissions.

Re-brandable Video Player for Mobile Devices – zXORA™ Player
A full featured, fully secure cloud-oriented video player for Android, iOS, and Roku based media. Supports client-side ad insertion using VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and server-side ad insertion with VAST compliance. The zXORA™ player features geo-location-based streaming and a built-in Electronic Program Guide. For free or subscription-based viewing. Available as a stand-alone license or included with VIDEO PLATFORM II™: OTT or VIDEO PLATFORM II™: IPTV.


Broadcast Quality, Real Time, 3 RU, 16 Core Xeon® based, 12 each HD-SDI channels, Live and Stored Content and Ad Player with Graphics, Text, or Logo Overlay for each outgoing stream. Supports EAS and SCTE 35 on all inputs. Plays live channels via sophisticated scheduler and inserts sophisticated graphics, logos, or crawling text anywhere on the SD or HD Live Stream with any degree of transparency. Along with pre-roll and post-roll inserts, unit supports seamless splices and squeezes anytime or message overlays on all 12 channels in real time. Designed for Broadcasters and Cable Operators who wish to manage many channels simultaneously. Interfaced to Several Traffic Systems and we can interface to yours.


Real Time, easy to use, 4 RU embedded Linux based, Dual PS, Multi Stream J2K to 25 Mbps 10 bit (MEZZ) HLS out transcoder, scaler, with 10 Gig in and out that operates simultaneously on 28 ea 200 Mbps 1080p60 J2K incoming streams. Based on 2 ea Intel 18 core i7 CPU and four (4ea) NVidia RTX 4000 add in PCIe accelerator cards. Boots quickly from a flash drive and remembers all settings. Easy to use GUI allows configuration of streams from anywhere. Control via SNMP or REST/SOAP. Supports 2 ea AAC audio pairs. Ships with quad 10 Gig ports. LOGOS can be added to outputs. Mil security applied.


Telco Quality, Real Time, High Density, 1-40 Program, Windows® Based, Web Manageable, H.264 or MPEG-2 Oriented, Content Manager and Ad Server with the Ability to Play Out Live and Stored Content on a Schedule with Flexible Standards Compliant Video Ads, Text, or Graphics Insertion via Overlay, Splicing, or Video Squeeze. Supports SCTE-35 and EAS Triggers and will Splice in Internal or External Live Clips as Needed. Designed for Professionals Who are Ready to Move to Powerful Computer Platforms that can Give Them Everything Needed to Operate Many Channels in a Single Box.

ALTEON 16-64 CH MADI to AAC over IP

The ALTEON J2K to H.264 is designed to provide lower cost H.264 based HLS or plain transport streams to the sports and special event streaming market that has adopted J2K for origin encoding. ALTEON is a hybrid solution that relies on both nVidia CPU and our own mature control interface. We support ASPEN and VSF TR-01 specifications and can transcode 28 J2K inputs into single or multiple H.264 or H.265 profiles.


 The CNMatrix II ™ is a professional HDTV SSD disk recorder that uses MXF and MOV containers to record and a choice of containers to play back. These options make this system compatible with various digital workflows. The CNMatrixII records up to 250 hours in MXF format .This mode allows the unit to simultaneously record and play.

THOR ST 2110 + 12G FIBER-

 Ultra High Bit Rate, Highly Accurate, Deep Packet, and Traffic, and Video Quality Analyzer with dispersible data sensors designed with 40 and 100 Gigabit copper or fiber Interfaces. Designed to Test, Validate, and continuously monitor both IP packet and video quality of critical high end video delivery backbones deployed at major networks and telcos. Supports ST 2110 and ST-2022-6 video and audio I/O. Incorporates full CIE colorimetry HDR testing tools.









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