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  • Omladinskih Brigada 88b
  • Belgrade 11070
  • Serbia
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Brid.TV ( is a rapidly growing technology company that officially launched in 2018 and has since established a strong foothold in the American and European markets. The company developed a powerful enterprise-level video platform and HTML5 video player to help publishers monetize their videos and stay ahead of the curve in the thriving B2B market. 

Brid.TV's mission is to relentlessly pursue the latest developments in AI technologies and offer the best advertising solution to publishers worldwide, helping them navigate the ever-growing landscape of online advertising. 


Product Description


VAST-Compatible HTML5 Player

Brid.TV’s fast and lightweight HTML5 video player is compatible with the latest VAST and VPAID ad formats and was built to serve video ads on desktop and mobile devices without putting unnecessary strain on publishers’ websites.


Outstream Ad Units

Publishers can use Brid.TV’s HTML5 to serve outstream ads and get countless new opportunities to monetize content. Publishers also get access to various customization features with unique close buttons, customizable autoplay behavior, and a sticky player fully optimized for user experience.


White-Label Video Platform

Brid.TV’s white-label video solution gives you the entire infrastructure, features, and monetization options you’ll need to start a video SSP with minimal effort. You manage publishers and their content while we do all the heavy lifting.


Google ADX, Prebid.js, SpotX, and Amazon Video Header Bidding

Easily set up Google ADX, Prebid.js, SpotX, and Amazon video header bidding to maximize video ad revenue; no coding knowledge required.


Brid.TV Marketplace

Boost programmatic video ad demand with GAM 360 or start monetizing from scratch with Brid.TV’s in-house ad provider. Brid.TV Marketplace supports all the industry-standard video ad formats and operates several independent auctions between multiple SSPs to ensure the highest possible CPMs.


Video Ad Performance Platform

Brid.TV’s Video Ad Performance Platform is a turnkey solution for implementing, managing, and tracking video header bidding and ad performance across multiple websites. Clients can leverage our white-label video header bidding management solution to cut ad ops costs, streamline header bidding management, or launch an ad network of their own.