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BridTV ( is a rapidly growing technology company and an enterprise-level video platform that has officially launched in 2018. Marching through the expanding world of online advertising we have created a powerful HTML5 video player. Our video platform and ad serving solutions are powered by machine learning and groundbreaking AI-based technology, which helps us stay ahead of the curve in the thriving B2B market. 

The BridTV video platform is continuously improving. Our aim is to deliver the best possible services and ad solutions to publishers, as we make the leap forward across the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of online advertising. 

Product Description

Outstream Ad Units
With outstream ads, Brid.TV helps you monetize video content. Our outstream ad units denote the following: In-Content, In-Slide, In-Video, and Native Units.   

Brid.TV Ads Marketplace 2.0
The video platform allows publishers to achieve higher ad revenue with Google Ad Manager. Explore Marketplace 2.0 to discover more. 

Prebid / Header Bidding
In 2019, Brid.TV takes the programmatic technique of header bidding to the next level. We give publishers a chance to offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before making calls to their ad servers. With Brid.TV's solution, header bidding functionality has improved massively; all video header bidding is handled within the Brid.TV platform itself, which means that no coding whatsoever is required on your end. Simple and efficient.

VAST 4.0 / VPAID 2.0 Compliant - Easy Monetization
A simple embed code is provided to a publisher and all that is needed is to paste it to your webpage where you wish the unit to appear. The player will accept any compatible VAST ad tag to display your videos ads, as well as, in some cases (300x250) display banner ads.

Brand New Video Content and Ad Matching Service
BridTV’s in-house built AI scans and extracts relevant metadata on the publisher’s web page, effectively matching the content. Our content matching mechanics make it certain that each ad displayed on site is specifically tailored for the content present on-site, hence your ads are always in tune with your site's content.

Mobile & Desktop Ads
Our unique out-of-the-box tech allows publishers to serve any VAST/VPAID ad tag against HTML5 video content in autoplay mode including in-page on iOS.

White Label Video SSP by Brid.TV
The Brid.TV White-Label video platform was purposely built as an end-to-end video SSP solution. There are three pillars of our white-label solution we take pride in: built-in infrastructure, built-in features, and built-in monetization options. Our dev team works tirelessly in the background, handling all the legwork and tech, while you manage publishers and their video content. You can set up billing, and control the usage statistics of their platform service.

Powerful OTT Features   
Brid.TV offers OTT Functionality, which includes AirPlay and Google Cast. The video platform also offers support for both Amazon's Fire TV and Roku Streaming.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Outstream Video Ads
    Use special Brid outstream ad units to monetize your content like never before. VAST/VPAID compatible, viewable by design on any screen, any device, at any time.
  • White Label Video SSP by BridTV
    Our solution allows you to use BridTV’s cloud-based video infrastructure for content management, delivery, and monetization with the best quality of service.