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BridTV ( is a leading all-device video platform and online video player solution, which offers a unique way for publishers to maximize their ROI by having more control over videos and served ads.

The BridTV service supports all the standard features of a modern-day enterprise level video platform. BridTV stands out in a crowded market because it offers unique features to publishers.

AdBlock recovery, outstream ads, async embed code support, mobile and desktop live streaming, real-time encoding, real-time analytics. All that with just a fraction of the price you would normally pay for an enterprise level video platform.

Product Description

Outstream Video Ads

Made to be 100% viewable, they will only deploy and play when the unit is onscreen and the consumer is moving the page around. The outstream unit accepts any compatible VAST/VPAID ad tag to display your videos ads.

Mobile & Desktop Ads

Our unique out-of-the-box tech allows publishers to serve any VPAID 2.0 ad tag against HTML5 video content in autoplay mode including in-page on iOS.

Easy Live Streaming. Mobile & Desktop

Transform your website or your mobile phone into a live video streaming platform. Grow your business

ADIQ: Adblock Recovery Solution

Ad blockers are already costing publishers up to 30% of their ad revenue. ADIQ is a simple, yet powerful Adblock Recovery solution created to help small businesses and large enterprises ensure their video ad content is seen on any desktop or mobile device.

In our constant effort to provide unique HTML5 video player features to our publishers, we’ve made a HTML5 Video Player Comparison page, which shows where our player fits in a highly competitive but extremely beneficial rewarding world of online video players.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Outstream Video Ads
    Use special Brid outstream ad units to monetize your content like never before. VAST/VPAID compatible, viewable by design on any screen, any device, at any time.
  • ADIQ - Adblock Recovery Solution
    Unblock VAST and VPAID 2.0 video ad revenue with Brid’s proprietary ad de-blocking tech ADIQ Adblock Recovery Solution. While Premium users of the Brid Video Platform get ad de-blocking free of charge as part of the service, integration with third-party players is possible. Current support includes some of the industry’s biggest names.