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Ateliere Creative Technologies

Ateliere Creative Technologies
  • 315 South Beverly Drive
  • Beverly Hills CA 90212-4312
  • United States
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Ateliere is a leading cloud-native digital media supply chain and orchestration platform that allows content owners to control their video content creation, production management, and monetization (movies, TV, streaming, games, advertising, corporate communications) in the cloud. From concept to consumer, Ateliere's award-winning technology manages the migration, adoption, and enablement of workflows in the cloud, replacing the need for expensive on-premises infrastructure and systems while significantly increasing efficiency and profits for our customers.

Product Description

Content owners and other media supply chain professionals need to store and process a high volume of content at scale—while reducing overall costs. In addition, visibility and control over libraries and workflows are more crucial than ever. Ateliere is a cloud-native media supply chain management platform that meets those needs and much more. Its industry-leading IMF support and compatibility with other leading technology providers make Ateliere easy to implement, scale, and manage. 

Ateliere helps save time and money. Our componentized workflow can reduce the storage footprint by over 75%, saving up to millions across an entire content library. Meet deadlines and manage unlimited projects with Ateliere's orchestration tools, integrating with business process tools using Ateliere's extensible API library. Our proprietary cloud-native processing engine scales on-demand, cutting transcoding time by as much as 90%

Media supply chain professionals and companies of all sizes rely on the IMF-based Ateliere platform. With its cloud-based parallel processing transcoder, Ateliere Connect delivers unparalleled post-production capabilities at a fraction of the cost of on-premise and other legacy solutions. Meanwhile, content producers and distributors can reach audiences more effectively with Ateliere Discover, which provides the tools to create OTT and streaming apps, monetize content, and derive insights from targeted audience analytics.

Ateliere Media Services is the hands-free way to manage, transform, package, and deliver your content to hundreds of global platforms and services. We deploy and operate Ateliere; you cross media processing off your to-do list.