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5centsCDN enterprise platform enables the clients to achieve live streaming, VOD streaming, IP cam restreaming, Video & Live transcoding, simulcasting, website acceleration and many more services over our multi CDN network with affordable price as low as $2.5 per TB.

OTT/IPTV middleware with Apps for platforms such as Android, iOS, tvOS, Roku, Samsung, & HTML5 supported devices enables you to start Netflix like platform within days!

Self-service enterprise CDN console with full access to API enables easy integration and extensive knowledge base to configure CDN with ease.

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Product Description

5centsCDN’s live streaming solution is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and instant solution for live streaming. Whether you are live broadcasting an event, a 24/7 broadcast like satellite TV and VOD or looking for worldwide publicity, we’ve got you covered. Per TB as low as $2.5!

Our expertise in OTT / IPTV delivery makes us unique within the industry. We integrate and provide custom solutions for OTT / IPTV providers, including custom DNS, real-time routing, content security, Multi-CDN and more. Easy integration with middleware such as Stalker, makes us the best choice for a CDN partner.

Restream or simulcast your live stream to any social platforms or RTMP server with ease with us for $1 per platformSimulcast Now

5centsCDN VOD streaming with MP4 to HLS Streaming or On-the-Fly Packaging. Video on Demand (VOD) enables your end viewers to watch video content on-demand. 5centsCDN video on demand is the perfect solution for Web Publishers, Media Companies, Mass Media Companies, and many more industries. We encode your video and deliver to your end viewers, all you need to do is upload your video content to our origin servers.

5centsCDN simulcasting enables you to publish your live streaming to multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and more or to an external media server simultaneously. The source stream can be within 5centsCDN or any other external CDN with the following protocols such as RTMP, RTSP & HLS. Restreaming or Simulcasting is included in all our PLANS!

5centsCDN offers VOD Transcoding and Live Transcoding. Our Live Transcoding feature improves the viewer experience by allowing you to deliver a live stream in multiple bitrates, in order to match the viewer's connection speed. You can customize the player to detect the viewer's connection speed and select the appropriate stream. 50k transcoding minutes for $20 per month!

5centsCDN OTT / IPTV middleware: Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the new generation of television in which television services are transmitted to end-users through IP-based networks. IPTV and OTT services now allow the users to enjoy live TV, video on demand, etc., on the go anytime and anywhere. Our middleware allows you to manage your customer subscription, content management, and customer billing. Use our free Android app to provide interactive based services including Electronic Programming Guides, DVR, and more. You can also offer a custom made Set-top box that is reflective of your brand.

5centsCDN Cloud Storage: Powered by OpenStack, 5centsCDN’s Cloud Storage service builds a custom platform that allows you to deliver high-performance, secure and scalable videos by complementing in-house capabilities. This integration allows us to boost performance while reducing cost. The service includes multiple terabytes of storage capacity, surplus hardware, and various positions across the globe. This service will allow you to deliver objects at a high speed and scale as required.

5centsCDN HTTP / website acceleration: average, users do not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. This demonstrates the importance of having a high-speed website. 5centsCDN accelerates the static assets of your website, like style sheets, JavaScript files, and images (HTTP objects). Our HTTP acceleration solution is used by Gamers, publishers, advertising agencies, OTT / IPTV proceed, software companies, and many more industries in order to deliver all files with minimum latency.

Get started with a free 7-day demo account, click here!