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The Downside of AI Captioning for Live Webcasts

LiveX's Corey Behnke discusses the need for accuracy in captioning that goes beyond what AI can do, particularly with the increased demand for accessibility that has accelerated during the pandemic, in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2021.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Corey Behnke: The thing about languages. I know Jeff was saying it's cute to use captions in Zoom. My clients that have captioning cannot use a robot or AI or Zoom to give their captions because, literally, if it changes the word of one of my clients, what they're going to say, bad things happen and our professional error and emission service kicks in. So captions are a serious game as far as, getting into that AI thing. And I know Jeff was just being funny, but it's like, I don't see a lot of really high-end broadcast productions utilizing AI. To John's point, the demand and captioners, we saw that where we had smaller companies, we were going to use as captioners, and we had to go to some larger companies just because the demand for captioning has gotten so increased.

And I do think Jeff's going to get loaded up when they change and all the sports people need captions. He's going to have so much business, it's going to be crazy. 'Cause that's what it is. That's the difference. The pandemic definitely accelerated the use of accessibility in a way that it just should have so long ago. No one really took accessibility seriously, and it's kind of sad and we need to increase our engagement in all of those tools.


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