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Kosada’s Vuo Pro Adds New Network Video Streaming Capability with NDI

Vuo Pro, an application to create interactive video projects using simple building blocks, now supports sending and receiving video using NDI

NDI is a brand of the Vizrt Group and a royalty-free technology that allows video and audio sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network, eliminating the need for costly direct connections, expensive cable runs, and infrastructure upgrades while turning every source into a destination instantly available anywhere on the network.

“Software-driven IP workflows have become ubiquitous in video production,” said Michael Kornet, vice president, NDI. “NDI-enabled software like Kosada’s Vuo Pro exponentially increase the video sources available for live production creating efficiencies and opportunities for customers that did not previously exist. NDI is the most widely adopted IP technology on the market, epitomized by the millions of customers with access to it today.”

With the release of Vuo Pro 2.1, media creators can use Vuo Pro’s NDI building blocks to:

Flexibly convert, control, and monitor multiple input and output video feeds

  • Convert macOS QuickTime cameras, Blackmagic, and Syphon video inputs to NDI feeds
  • Convert NDI feeds to Blackmagic, Syphon, and RTMP video outputs
  • Control video feeds based on real-time input (OSC, MIDI, Art-Net DMX, Leap Motion, Kinect, USB HID, or Arduino)
  • Show onscreen previews and control multi-monitor layouts. Receive and send multiple separate NDI channels, based only on hardware constraints
  • Create Mac apps to broadcast displays over the network to other computers

Create or enhance video for NDI broadcast

  • Do live-streaming performances with multiple video cameras or with performers in different physical locations
  • Create custom video transitions, credits, and visual effects to add to broadcasts
  • Add 2D and 3D graphics and filters to video input. Adjust video color characteristics, as well as apply an expansive set of video filters (blur, sharpen, mask, pixelate, etc.)
  • Load data feeds (XML, JSON, RSS) and dynamically render lower-third or full-screen graphics from those feeds
  • Make audio recordings and add simple visualizations for posting on video sites
  • Send Vuo-enhanced video to NDI Virtual Input, which acts as a webcam, for Zoom/Skype/etc.

Complement NDI feeds with media file recording and playback

  • Play many media formats (e.g., H.264, HEVC, ProRes, HAP) and broadcast them
  • Record NDI video feeds to media files                  

About Vuo

Vuo, for macOS, lets media creators make interactive animations, exhibits, performances, and professional-grade media projects by connecting up simple building blocks. Media creators can use these blocks to manipulate audio input, images, layers, videos, and 2D + 3D graphics, as well as record high-quality video of the results. With the additional functionality of Vuo Pro, media professionals can export FxPlug plug-ins, FFGL plug-ins for macOS, macOS screen savers, and record and export video with antialiasing and motion blur. Vuo Pro includes face detection, Blackmagic input and output, 3D stereoscopic rendering, fisheye camera, projection warping, content aware transformations to images, and NewTek NDI® for video streaming. Vuo Pro directly supports the following aspects of the NDI protocol: listing sources, sending and receiving video, sending audio, sending and receiving metadata, sending and receiving tally.

Vuo’s Community Edition is free. Vuo Pro is $299 USD, with educational and bulk discounts available.

About Kosada

Kosada, Inc, is an independent owner-operated software company that specializes in creating software for interactive media production and mixed-media projects, including their flagship creation, Vuo. Their custom software development includes applications for Mac, iOS, and Android, and web applications using Drupal.

Contact: Jean Marie Cackowski-Campbell