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World Wide Broadcast Network Receives Patent for Video Search System With Call To Action

World Wide Broadcast Network, Inc. (WWBN), a developer of broadcasting technology systems for the Internet, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 8,060,498 for its innovative video search system.

Atlanta, Georgia(15 Nov 2011)

World Wide Broadcast Network, Inc. (WWBN), a developer of broadcasting technology systems for the Internet, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 8,060,498 for its innovative video and audio search system with one or more calls to action.

World Wide Broadcast Network’s President and CEO, Alexious Fiero states that  "The system manages and searches video and audio media files and associates the media with one or more calls to action." Mr. Fiero also stated that “The system provides search results to audio and video media tailored for user inputted or predefined search criteria in the results list. The system provides users with call to action options such as click to a URLs, landing pages, click to call, click to chat, literature, order forms, click to other audio or video files, etc.   The patent is very broad in the scope of the kinds of calls to action can be presented depending on the device." Said Mr. Fiero. "The system can schedule audio or videos to target users by search terms, keywords, topic, content match, time of day, location, device, and other parameters to offer a call to action to different audiences and devices."

According to Mr. Fiero “The system combines the best features of search, advertising, multimedia in order to give companies an additional cost-effective way to reach a target audience by communicating to prospective customers who are already actively searching for their products and services.” Mr. Fiero emphasized that “With the power of multimedia integrated into a cutting edge video marketing campaign, an advertising audio or video message can best describe a product or service and can thus come across as needed information, in relation or direct response to user inquiries, especially with users who are in information gathering or purchasing mode” .

Mr. Fiero also commented "The patent illustrates an embodiment where audio and video search results can be presented on other websites or text based search engines, blogs, widgets, operating systems, or devices using technologies such as JavaScript, flash or other available methods. Results are based on searches or content of the webpage translated into queries and in turn search results are displayed in several forms, text, text and images, audio, video and other combinations, results can also be based on other criteria and predetermined criteria such as locational, IP, GEO, context, content and other criteria not mentioned."

"This is currently done today with text based ads, we then will add a media element to this form of advertising.  In particular”, Mr. Fiero added, “the invention provides a audio or video services for publishers, broadcasters (pre-mid-post roll), online search engines and directories enabling companies to include audio and video search with call to action on their websites, operating systems and apps."

WWBN’s Video Search System with call to action is a subsystem of the Broadcast Network Platform System (BNPS). Mr. Fiero stated that “As television systems become more interactive and Internet capable media search will become a huge factor in how viewers can access information on demand with video and calls to action through their TV sets.”

The patent also grants WWBN exclusive rights over this proprietary technology that is applicable to all the rapidly developing devices with Internet connectivity, including mobile devices such as locational devices, PDAs, cell phones and tablets, gaming consoles, as well as Internet TV, Web TV, and TV appliances with access to the Internet.

According to Mr. Fiero, WWBN has worked in the field of online video for over a decade. He authored the book, OSTV the Next Wave of Information: The Convergence of Search Technology, Multimedia and the Internet (ISBN: 188488623X, 9781884886232) in 2003 which covered the convergence of search technology, multimedia and the Internet and which culminated in a centralized method to operate broadcast networks and signals over a global network. Mr. Fiero pointed out that “The times have now caught up with the technology and WWBN’s patents help to solidify the company’s leadership positions as it spearheads the next wave in Internet, Search and Television integration.”

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