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Valossa Announces Val.ai – A Voice-Controlled, Real-Time Video Recognition Platform

Alexa-Integrated AI Identifies Thousands of Places, Objects, Themes In Movies And Live Video, Integrated into Leading Voice Ecosystems

San Francisco -- LAUNCH 2016(02 Mar 2016)

Valossa™ (Oulu, Finland) - a pioneer in AI-based real-time video identification technology - today announced the launch and immediate availability of its flagship, video recognition AI Platform – Val.ai.

Val.ai is based on years of research at the world-renowned computer vision and AI labs of the University of Oulu and is uniquely capable of analyzing movies and videos in real-time to identify more than one thousand concepts (e.g. places, objects and themes) from any video stream. Designed for service and content providers, Val.ai can reach down into their video content, identify it and make it searchable in real-time. Val.ai intelligence adds value to content production, discovery and contextual advertisement domains.
The release of Val.ai brings a unique, scene-level understanding of video through years of research-backed, cutting-edge machine learning, computer vision and pattern analysis techniques for companies seeking to extract more value from their video assets in increasingly competitive video markets. Identification of scene-specific entities, topic patterns and people provides unique monetization opportunities, ranging from more targeted video-related advertising to building up next-generation personalized, relevant content delivery services.
Unlike existing video AI platforms that emphasize visual analysis, Val.ai expands upon the variety of information sources, including the recognized semantics of raw video data, providing the most holistic video analysis solution in the market today.
Val.ai also includes a descriptive deep search engine that enables natural, verbose and flexible querying for voice-controlled movie services and entertainment platforms (voice-controlled movie discovery is currently in beta for Amazon® Alexa® - contact info@valossa.com to request a demonstration of the Beta Alexa build.). 

Valossa Deep Search is based on the company’s patent-pending, unique deep content models, which are then ranked using the company’s proprietary natural query engine that will be tied into leading voice ecosystems, like Alexa.
Example queries understood by Val.ai include:

  • Find movies with Sean Connery in red pants
  • Show me scifi movies about space battles and laser guns
  • What movies has Clint Eastwood protecting the president?
  • List all movies that are comedies in Hawaii
  • Non-violent princess movies
  • Romantic comedy movies involving career issues and family

Val.ai can also easily identify conditional and chained voice commands (a feat not currently possible with Apple® Siri® and other voice-powered search assistants). An example of this would be:

  • Query 1: Find me epic history movies
  • Query 2: Only the ones with large battles

Valossa uses the most cutting-edge computer vision, machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to obtain this Deep Content Metadata from several modalities, including analyzing each video frame as well as automatic multilingual keyword extraction from existing metadata. This produces holistic video content descriptions at the scene level as well as descriptive keyword annotation for video overviews.
Valossa’s technology for scene level searching of DVB broadcasts has been successfully in use since 2010 with an online TV search service in Finland. The system summarizes broadcasted TV programs by detecting uniquely descriptive concepts from broadcasted data – a Finnish language technology demo is atwww.kuukkelitv.fi/mediaseina.
Totally cross-platform with Mac® OS, Microsoft® Windows® and Linux®, Val.ai’s server-side technology enables virtually identical functionality to the newly announced Apple® TV OS for any system provider, plus more. Val.ai also integrates with all leading voice platform vendors, such as Amazon®, Apple, Google® and Microsoft®.
Val.ai Extensible Platform For Automated Metadata for Keywords, Places, Objects and Emotions:
The Valossa AI uniquely enables the flexibility to train customer-specific models for unique search and recognition problems, a feat that is becoming increasingly effective due to recent progress in Machine Learning technology.  
Val.ai is also an extensible platform, with remarkable and unique new features in development – soon, Val.ai users will be able to find the most recent topical movies using queries such as “latest scifi movies involving time travel”.
This enables automated scene descriptive metadata creation for content production, real-time video content discovery applications and contextual advertising.
Lastly, Valossa is finalizing new technologies that will integrate into its platform that include analyzing TV transcripts for emotional sentiment and detecting emotions from human faces.
About Valossa:
Valossa Labs Oy is a new Finnish startup that includes a development team of Ph.D.’s, graduate students and M.Sc.’s from the University of Oulu in Finland, specializing in NLP, AI and video search algorithms.  The company has raised a $650k seed round and is seeking business partnerships and additional investors as it launches its Val.ai technology platform for commercial use. Details atwww.valossa.com and @valossainc.

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