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Idomoo Enhances Brand Engagement and Differentiation through Cross-Marketing Deployment of Personalized Videos

Leading Energy Utility Engages Customers with Videos, TV Ads and Direct Mail

New York, NY(08 Nov 2012)


Today at ad:tech New York, Idomoo, the pioneer of mass-scale customer communication via personalized video, unveiled and demonstrated a solution that enables brands to differentiate themselves and heighten customer engagement though highly-personalized videos across multiple marketing platforms.


Idomoo demonstrated how leading Dutch energy utility Nuon leveraged Idomoo’s personalized videos to provide unprecedented customer service by explaining each customer’s personal usage and bill. This personalized video campaign also strengthened Nuon’s corporate brand and service-level differentiation via television advertising. By combining the compelling power of cinematic-quality video with personally relevant, individualized data, the Nuon personalized video campaign entertained customers, improved customer care and enabled the company to creatively illustrate their brand differentiation in personal customer service.


Nuon, part of the international Vattenfall group, currently serves approximately 2.3 million consumers, businesses and public organizations throughout the Netherlands. In the Idomoo personalized video campaign, each Nuon customer received a highly-personalized, two-minute Idomoo-generated video providing an audio-visual overview of their yearly electricity and gas usage (see the English version, white-labeled as ‘D-light’). The personalized video explains how much their energy consumption has cost them, compares their energy consumption to previous years and illustrates how their consumption compares to usage in their neighborhood.


To generate excitement prior to the launch of the program, Nuon sent every customer a ‘promo’ email of Idomoo’s personalized video, which generated over 61,000 YouTube views. Nuon also showcased the video in a humorous TV commercial to further emphasize the company’s commitment to personalization and communicate the new service as a brand differentiator. The multi-stage Nuon campaign, leveraging Idomoo’s personalized videos, delivered outstanding results in customer engagement, with video click-through rates soaring above 70%.


“Nuon executives, like other brands we work with, leverage personalized videos as a strategic communication tool to engage each customer individually, explain their service usage and bill in a clear and visual manner, manage their expectations and win their trust,” said Danny Kalish, Co-founder of Idomoo. “Leveraging personalized video across marketing channels - from mass-media advertising to loyalty programs, customer care, and monthly billing - provides a strategic differentiator with quality, personalized communication and unparalleled brand engagement.”


Idomoo personalized videos seamlessly and automatically integrate a creative video with business logic, customer CRM data, statement visuals and voice-over narration – creating millions of engaging personalized videos. Idomoo’s videos proactively deliver personalized customer support, upgrade offers, plan extension engagement, loyalty plan communication, personalized corporate greetings and more. Idomoo personalized videos are being used by top-tier customers throughout the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, and across a number of markets, including telecommunications, insurance, banking and consumer brands. 


Useful links:

·        Personalized video that Nuon customers received (English version, white-labeled as ‘D-light)

·        The original Dutch ‘promo’ on YouTube that Nuon customers received to promote the personalized video to come

·        TV commercial (with English subtitles) leveraging the personalized video campaign to differentiate Nuon’s service-level brand

·        Idomoo gallery of personalized videos


About Idomoo Ltd.

Idomoo is changing the way companies interact and communicate with prospects and customers through mass-produced personalized video. The Idomoo platform integrates customer data from standard CRM systems or databases into millions of automatically generated, yet seemingly tailor-made, high-quality, professional video clips. Idomoo was developed by an experienced team of multimedia, customer service, advertising and retail innovators. Established in 2008, Idomoo has automatically created millions of broadcast-quality videos delivering personalized customer support, upgrade offers, plan extension engagement, loyalty plan communication, personalized corporate greetings and more for customer-focused companies worldwide.

Idomoo is a private company headquartered in Hod Hashron, Israel. For examples of Idomoo videos, please visit the Idomoo website: www.Idomoo.com.