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2016 Super Bowl Sunday Sees Emerging Of Immersive Advertising And Virtual Reality Technology With Increased Live-Stream Viewers

Ubiquity, Inc. CEO, Son of Pro Football Legend, Predicts How Immersive Advertising and Virtual Reality Technology will change the Super Bowl Experience for Years to Come

IRVINE, Calif.(05 Feb 2016)

The face of brand promotion is changing for the Super Bowl and Immersive advertising with Virtual Reality technology that positions people as active users within the digital experience rather than positioning them as passive viewers – is leading the way.  According to a CNN Report, 1.3 Million viewers watched the Super Bowl via live-streaming in 2014, and with the increase of people ditching their televisions to view their TV programs online - especially Millennials - the number of live-stream viewers for Super Bowl 2016 promises to be an even larger number. The rising shift of sports fans watching the Super Bowl via live-stream is changing the dynamic of marketing to these consumers with Immersive Advertising in a Virtual Reality experience taking the helm with 3-D gaming hardware and software programs that will have fans feeling like they're not just viewing the game or an advertisement, but feeling as though they are actually in it. 

Ubiquity, Inc. (OTCBB: UBIQ) ("Ubiquity" or the "Company"), one of the first developers of Immersive Advertising technology that is applied to the Virtual Reality environment, and that is a holder of an extensive portfolio of patents in this space that include three patents for Systems and Methods for Immersive Advertising and one patent for Systems and Methods of Distributing Products for Immersive Advertising, reveals predictions on how Immersive Advertising Technology and Virtual Reality can and will change the Super Bowl experience, itself, for years to come:

  • Face of Advertising – will change, it will be all about advertisers engaging their Super Bowl audience into participating directly with the advertisements via Immersive Advertising and Virtual Reality, Augmented Virtual Reality, wearables, holograms, and more, and these experiences will go viral, increasing the brands' outreach.
  • 4-D Technology – is very powerful since it takes the 3D Environment and puts viewers inside the actual environment itself; this means that Super Bowl fans will be within the advertisements using more tools of engagement to choose brands and products, so they can make better, more educated purchases.
  • Gaming Hardware and Software Programs – will be utilized like any other streaming media event – through the television set top box or through Apple TV, Roku, and so on; gamers do and will have 3D/4D hardware equipment and will not only be able to interact with the advertising via the aforementioned technology, but at some point, will actually be able to immerse themselves within the Super Bowl game itself– watching it as if they were on the field and seeing the football and the plays close-up, the players face-to-face, and more.

Ubiquity CEO Chris Carmichael stated, "Our culture is about to see a major shift in in advertising and this year's Super Bowl will exemplify that shift. Immersive Advertising's time has come – with the blending of Immersive and Virtual Reality Technology, the user experience will take center stage allowing for a more engaging and creative landscape, letting viewers learn more about the brands than they ever could via regular TV commercials and certainly more than with Pop-ups and Banner Advertising. It really is just the beginning and our Company, being one of the first on the ground floor of this exciting technology, cannot wait to advance Immersive Advertising even further."

Carmichael added, "Discussing the Super Bowl and our Immersive Advertising Technology platforms is something very close to my heart – my father, Al Carmichael, played for the Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos, and is actually in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.  This gives me all the more reason to be involved in the expansion of this robust Super Bowl industry – but in the technology sector."

Ubiquity is a vertically integrated, technology-focused media company with an extensive and robust portfolio of intellectual property and patents, including in the Immersive Technology Sector.

About Ubiquity, Inc. (UBIQ)

Based in Irvine, CA, Ubiquity is a vertically integrated, technology-focused media company. Ubiquity is focused in five specific areas with a robust portfolio of patents and intellectual property. The Company has developed an intuitive user interface making access to all content from any device in a simple, consistent format. Ubiquity enables the search and identification of any object and image in all video and digital media and has developed a platform for mobile transaction including the integration of payments, money transfers, coupons and gifts. Ubiquity has also developed an industry-leading, intuitive, immersive consumer experience for all web-based activity. Finally, the company allows for the personalization of all content, whether public or private, in a unique accessible way. 

Through Ubiquity Labs the company is leveraging an extensive portfolio of intellectual property spanning Web 3.0, immersive advertising, video compression, content distribution, eCommerce, and mobile applications to support the commercialization of new technologies. In addition, Ubiquity intends to pursue strategic licensing opportunities.