Taking Entertainment Across Borders: Building OTT for the masses


Over-the-top (OTT) services have drastically transformed the video and entertainment landscape with premium content and new technologies. However, in the current media consumption era, the viewers are undoubtedly the king, and their expectations of content and experience decide the fate of a service. The race to please the viewer is quite evident by the fierce battle of OTT players for high-quality content, immersive experiences, and ultimately, the viewer loyalty. The motivation is the boom of the OTT industry and a very fruitful projected user base of over 700 million by 2023.

In this diverse global market, where choices in content and experience differ with regions and languages, no standard out-of-the-box solution can fulfill the need for a video service aiming to go international. Hence, in the end, it’s not just the content that makes the service successful; it’s also the reliable backend that can provide a seamless experience over multiple screens.

The question that arises is: How to thrive in the OTT world?
This paper investigates the needs and various nuances of an OTT platform that aims to go global with its content and generate revenue. So, keep reading to find out how different stages of media workflow needs to be optimized and managed to serve a massive global audience.