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TV Everywhere Finds a Home — Right on the Living Room TV

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Is TV Everywhere a success? That's what the moderator asked at the start of a panel on the business of TV Everywhere held during the recent Streaming Media West conference in Huntington Beach, California. While TV Everywhere was created to allow pay TV subscribers to access premium content from any location on any device, Steve Shannon, general manager for content and services for Roku, says that it's actually finding the most success in the living room.

"[TV Everywhere is] still small, I think, relative to its potential. We're very excited about it, though. I really think, in a way, it's the future of pay TV," Shannon said. "I think it was originally envisioned as a kind of sideshow where it's a way for you to access content on your smartphone or your tablet or your PC. But what's happening is TV Everywhere apps are finding their way to the TV, as well, like on Roku, and guess what -- it turns out that those are the most popular TV Everywhere apps, the ones that are on the TV."

By providing enhanced viewing experiences on the television, pay TV companies are able to augment what they offer their subscribers.

"My view is that traditionally the programmers have only been able to deliver video as their value proposition, but now they're able to deliver video and software," Shannon said. "If you think about the apps that Nickelodeon might do versus the apps that ESPN might do versus HBO versus Fox Now, they can all have different kinds of interactivity."

For more on where TV Everywhere is going, watch the panel discussion below.


The Business of TV Everywhere

With the emergence of TV Everywhere, consumers can enjoy the benefits of authenticated channels like FOX Now, TWC TV, ESPN, Xfinity, and others across a multitude of devices. Is TV Everywhere a success today? Are providers seeing increased retention? Are new revenue models emerging that might exist as extensions for the TV Everywhere experience? What will TV Everywhere look like in the next 5 years? Join us for a lively discussion with the experts behind the TV Everywhere movement.

Moderator: Matt Smith, VP, Technology, Chideo
Speaker: Fay Wells, Independent Media Advisor
Speaker: John Oliverius, VP, Distribution Counsel, A&E Networks
Speaker: Dean Hadaegh, SVP, Broadcast Operations & Chief Technology Officer, The Tennis Channel
Speaker: Steve Shannon, GM, Content and Services, Roku

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