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Haivision Releases Viper 2.0, Broadens Distribution Options

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The Haivision Viper, an all-in-one appliance for capturing, reviewing, and streaming on-demand video, is getting an upgrade with the release of the 2.0 version.

This upgrade lets owners integrate workflows, exporting live or on-demand content to the cloud for distribution. The Viper now supports distribution outside of its own video-on-demand portal: owners can export video to USB or network attached devices. They can also publish content to a Haivision Video Cloud workflow or to their own CDN.

Improved flexibility extends to the recording experience, as well. The Viper now offers a control API that lets owners connect room or other third-party devices. They can then remotely manage video recording and publishing.

With this release, the Viper gains AES encryption for both live and on-demand video. New access levels allow multiple users to work with a single Viper and access only the content they're cleared for.

“We’ve seen rapid adoption of the Viper at universities and medical schools for recording and streaming presentations and medical procedures,” says Peter Maag, Haivision's chief marketing officer. “Because it is a single room appliance that delivers high quality media across campus securely without the need for a central server platform, the Viper is incredibly simple to deploy.”

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