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AEG Digital Media Looks for Universal Format

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It sounds like what a lot of online video companies want for the holidays is a universal format. Maybe next year. Or the year after that.

Joe Einstein, vice president of production services for AEG Digital Media was at the Streaming Media West conference to speak on a panel entitled "Simplifying the Multiformat Video Workflow." It quickly turned into a discussion on the elusive universal format, something that would simplify a lot of workflows.

"The biggest issue is there's no universal delivery format, and we, as a group, agree that we're at least a year or two away from there being a universal format," said Einstein during a red carpet interview after the panel.

For the events it streams, such as pre-show and red carpet Grammy coverage, AEG creates eight to ten encodes of each stream with different frame sizes. That's just for current devices, Einstein said. As more connected devices come out, the number will certainly increase. His company could also use a central DRM to wrap content in.

"Everyone is hoping that there's this universal streaming format," Einstein added.

Of the available formats, Einstein thinks that HLS comes the closest to solving the problem. If it included a security mechanism and desktop support, he believes it would take off.

"If you took Silverlight, Adobe, and Apple's solutions and put them together, and pulled the best feature sets, you would have the perfect solution," said Einstein.

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