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Current Drivers of Change in the Streaming Industry

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Gordon Brooks: Our industry is sometimes slow to change, but, but we're actually pretty good at change when we have a gun to our head and we seem to be surrounded. So there's a lot of things going on, pushing people to trust real transport and management, as well as cloud and virtualization: So, obviously, how people are watching content, how quickly you need to get to market, what people expect from an equality-of-experience perspective. The fact that we're now proven at six nines and better that unmanaged internet can be as good as, or better than, satellite and other traditional methods. And obviously we're moving to virtualization, a lot of mega-mergers going on, a lot of media companies are in capital preservation mode, moved to OpEx from CapEx, unreal pressure to cut costs, which we always are. And then, what's going on with satellite? Just the flexibility required and the change going on there. And that's also being pushed by what's going on with 5G and the impact of C-Band, not to mention COVID-19.

We did a survey recently, talking about work remote workflows and what people thought they were going to get out of them and how long they last. And in the low 90s to high 90s, most people believe that there are going to be new revenue opportunities, and the drive to cloud adoption would be faster. But, that the need for telemetry and data and orchestration is key to managing these complex terrestrial networks.

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