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2020 Is a Make-or-Break Year

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If there’s one word that’s been grossly overused this year, it’s "unprecedented." Quite frankly, it’s been used an unprecedented amount of times, and I for one would like a new word. I'm not minimizing the fact that this year's pandemic caught the entire world, including our industry, by surprise. As far as I can tell—based on the massive surge in website traffic, the frantic storm of guides and white paper downloads here on StreamingMedia.com, and the tremendous participation in and success of our own virtual show version of Streaming Media East—our industry has never been hotter. And neither has StreamingMedia.com.

Sure, more people are at home and watching OTT content, but corporate communication, remote production, and virtual meeting solutions are being forced, by customer demand, to innovate. Thanks to companies like Zoom, the remainder of 2020 is absolutely demanding an "innovate or die" mindset. We'll see WebRTC look to take its place in production for real-time backhaul communication. We'll see hard pushes to get latency as low as possible. We'll see codec evolutions. We'll see a lot of change in who's leading this industry. It's a make-or-break time for so many.

And with that, I always enjoy the honor of introducing those industry leaders whose companies are on the front lines, changing how all of us communicate, get informed, and are entertained. The companies in this section were on our editorial team’s prestigious Streaming Media 50 list of the top companies in our industry. Let’s lean in and have a look at what they have to say in this special section called View From the Top. 

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