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Video Marketing Mistakes: 5 Common Missteps ID'd by Brightcove

BrightcoveMistakes video marketing mistakesVideo marketing mistakes: There are several ways a video marketer can go wrong, says video cloud services company Brightcove. To steer you in the right direction, it created a report called "Top 5 Video Marketing Mistakes," which you can download for free (registration required). We'll give you the outline below, but for all the details and juicy campaign-enhancing advice, you'll need to turn to Brightcove.

  1. Not Making Full Use of Metrics

Marketing is an art, but using hard data—metrics on your viewers and their interests—turns it into a science. Track viewer interactions and use that information to optimize future campaigns.

  1. Not Integrating Video With the Broader Marketing Toolbox

Don't think of video as being a separate asset apart from your other marketing content; instead, think of it as part of an holistic whole. Integrating video assets with the right content management system (CMS), marketing automation platform (MAP), and customer relationship management (CRM) platform lets you get more out of your efforts.

  1. Being Non-Prescriptive About Your Viewer's Next Steps

Take your prospective customers on a journey, and be clear about what the next steps are. Clickable calls-to-action and interactive overlays can guide your viewers.

  1. Not Controlling the Viewing Environment

Free video hosting sites are attractive, but they don't reflect your company's brand or create the right experience for your customers. And do you really want a competitor's ad in front of your video?

  1. Trying to Go Viral

Going viral isn't a goal. Instead, it's the outcome of effective audience targeting and storytelling. Focus on getting the right prospects the right information.

"Brands are doing amazing things with video as part of their content marketing strategy. Yet some brands are falling victim to a number of common mistakes that are impacting their success," Brightcove says. To fix these video marketing mistakes, get the report.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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