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With Content Fabric, Eluvio Might Transform Online Video Delivery

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Startup Eluvio has announced its first product, and it aims at nothing less than transforming how video and other large files are distributed online. Created by Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, the founders of Aspera, Eluvio isn't just any pipedream startup, and MGM Studios is already using its product and raving about the results.

News 2Eluvio's big idea is called Content Fabric, and it's a blockchain-certified decentralized software overlay network that provides on-demand or live video based on user or API requests. Content Fabric is made up of a three-layer tech stack that tailors and transmits videos in real-time: The data layer holds the video and lets the owner avoid making copies; the loadable code layer is stored with an object and applies transformations as needed; and the access control layer calculates value as the content is used.

With blockchain and its distributed ledger system built-in, Content Fabric is able to avoid creating and storing thousands of versions of each video. The technology runs on standard Linux nodes and exploits them for caching original and final versions of files. Content owners avoid content delivery network (CDN) storage and gain faster delivery, with Eluvio promising sub-five-second latency for global delivery of live streams.

Eluvio's approach skips the traditional file-based system for a network approach where content isn't re-sent over and over. Content Fabric's mesh network holds the source files and relies on just-in-time packaging, with all nodes capable of applying the needed transformations. Zero-trust content protection prevents encrypted content from being viewed, while blockchain reporting safeguards allowed operations on unencrypted content. The blockchain reporting also offers better audience measurements for advertising. Open APIs let developers use the technology for adaptive bit rate streaming (in DASH, HLS, and other ABR formats) for SD, HD, and 4K video.

Eluvio was formed in December 2017, and this is its first product. The startup currently has over 20 employees. It got an early customer win with MGM Studios, which decided to test the technology for web, mobile, and TV Everywhere streaming, and liked the results. "The deployment of the Eluvio Content Fabric started as an experiment to test this promising new technology, and it has exceeded expectations," says Jim Crosby, senior vice president of digital at MGM Studios. "It has delivered ultra-fast video loading, high quality playback, and a cost-efficient solution eliminating separate aggregation, transcoding, and CDN services—and with its blockchain, provides us the ability to transact business directly on the content. We look forward to more to come with Eluvio.”

Eluvio will give a first look at its technology during IBC in Amsterdam.

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