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Data-Enabled TV Advertising to Rise Sharply in 2020: Survey

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The use of data in TV advertising will rise sharply in the near future, claims survey results put out by video monetization company FreeWheel. In 2018, 20% of total TV advertising (including linear, VOD, and authenticated streaming) was data-enabled. That rose to 29% this year and will climb to 40% in 2020.

News 2Data-enabled TV advertising mean using any data to improve planning or targeting, analyze attribution, or show return on investment. FreeWheel's results come from a survey of 150 advertisers and agencies.

One reason the area isn't growing faster is that advertisers have concerns: 67% are worried about consumer privacy protections and 64% have fears over how their data will be used. Protecting consumer privacy will be a top focus for 84% in 2020. Only 53% believe digital media platforms will securely protect their advertising data by 2020.

The survey results are part of a report called "Blockgraph: Building the Future of Data-Driven TV," which promotes the creation of a identity later that lets media companies provide the benefits of data to their marketing customers without disclosing anything that could identify individual viewers. Blockgraph is an industry initiative championed by FreeWheel.

"The TV industry is in the midst of a fundamental transformation—and data is at the center," the report says. "To that end, a more connected, safe, and data-enabled TV industry will benefit all parties: advertisers, content owners, distributors, and audiences."

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