LiveFronts--Live Video's Answer to NewFronts--Are Coming to NYC

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UpFronts, NewFronts…LiveFronts?

To capitalize on the success of live online video and create a forum to reach advertisers, Al Roker and his company Roker Media are creating the first ever LiveFronts.

Like the others, LiveFronts will take place in New York City, but unlike the others they'll be in October and will only last one day. Planned as a single session, the event will start out modest, with a dozen or so agency reps, network execs, and content creators talking about live video plans, Jesse Redness, the co-founder of advisory firm Brave Ventures, told Ad Age. Brave Ventures is working with Roker Media to organize the first LiveFront.

The event will highlight opportunities in live video sponsorships on a variety of platforms, including Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouNow, to advertisers and marketers. The idea is that Roker Media won't be the only production company presenting. Companies at the LiveFront will try to sell product placements and program sponsorships.

"Live video deserves a concentrated day," Redniss told Ad Age, saying that live shouldn't be lumped in with the NewFronts, which he called overcrowded. There are currently over 70 presentations during the two-week long NewFront season.

Roker Media debuted in April and focuses on live video.

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