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Wowza: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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All or Nothing?

The boom in online video highlights the lack of thought some companies put into their video strategy. Often businesses expend great effort differentiating their web content, but include video—a vastly richer medium—as an afterthought. Additionally, the distribution of video is often an all-or-nothing endeavor: owning the process from top to bottom or outsourcing everything. The best strategy, though, is a hybrid one.

Hybrid solutions combine in-house and third-party resources to create a company’s ideal video-streaming game plan—one in which key elements are kept in-house while third-party specialists take care of scaling and technology updates when and where you need them most. Crucially, hybrid strategies allow you to retain all the control you want while automatically and adaptively delivering the highest-possible-quality content to all viewer platforms. This approach offers essential benefits for capitalizing on video’s potential. After all, video is fairly unforgiving; unlike a web page glitch, a streaming glitch often affects every viewer.

Moving forward, savvy enterprises will recognize that a hybrid video model offers the best shot at long term success. After all, one size does not fit all; not all video-distribution models should be the same. Companies should mix and match on-premises and cloud components as they seek their perfect mix of economics, flexibility, and control. All or nothing is probably the worst of each world.

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