TalkPoint: 2015 Online Video Industry Prediction

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Double Down on RTC

Last year I predicted we would see one of the largest disruptions in the streaming media business in over a decade. I said that WebRTC will be ready for prime time and that 2014 it would be part of the mainstream. Although slower to gain traction than I predicted I am doubling down in 2015. The downloaded application used for webconferencing heretofore will start to become a distant memory. The browser will be king in 2015. It will not only be WebRTC but also ORTC; Microsoft’s commitment to browser based communications. The online small work group collaboration business will continue to be turned on its head. Large webconferencing players will either begin or continue to offer free or freemium services; it will be a matter of survival. Look for the SMB market to be hardest hit as small companies tend to move quicker. In the SMB market unlike the large enterprise latest versions of Chrome and IE are readily available. SMB consumers are technically astute, flexible, and price conscious. Screen sharing, white boarding and collaboration will all be executed in the browser without the need for downloads or plug-ins; in many cases for free. Although terms like Turn, Ice and Stun are not household words yet in the larger enterprise they will be in the SMB. Economics drive behavior; free is tough to compete with. Watch the technology titans in webconferencing fight over free in the SMB; the enterprise is soon to come.

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