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thePlatform Introduces Social Media Player

Major corporations are typically conservative about their online video content, explains Marty Roberts, vice president of marketing for thePlatform, and they don't want to leave anything to chance. They want control over where their material is embedded and make sure that it doesn't violate any geographical restrictions. They also want to make sure the ads travel with the content. Otherwise, Roberts explains, it's just promotion.

In order to satisfy demanding high-profile companies, thePlatform is introducing what Roberts calls a "long leash" solution, where content can travel but always be pulled back. The new version of its Flash player comes with built-in integration with 10 social networking sites. Just by checking a box, content owners can share their videos on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Windows Live, Yahoo! Buzz, and Vodpod. If they don't already have an account with a selected site, the software will prompt them to create an account.

thePlatform's new player allows content owners to share videos on 10 social networking sites with the check of a box.

"We've got a brand new version of our player development kit [PDK 4.2] that offers a very clean integration with ten social networking sites out-of-the-box, and at the same time is designed to support the advertising policies of the companies," say Roberts.

When videos are shared, the advertisements associated with them travel, as well. "It's a great, nice, easy integration with social networks and it's done in a way that is consistent with media company's objectives," Roberts adds.

Not only does the player let the parent companies share content, but the viewers can, as well. They can share whole videos or drag to select just the portions they want to show. Ads travel with this shared content, even if only a brief clip is being shared.

The player also allows viewers to share both complete videos and selected clips.

"Consumers for a long time have been excited about sharing content with their friends and families. The user generated content space has already provided this ability; now it's time for the professional media companies to also offer this same level of interactivity," says Roberts.

While this is free syndication, thePlatform doesn't use that word in describing it, Roberts says, since "syndication" implies a paid B2B relationship to his company's clients.

The new player seems to strike a comfortable balance between corporate control and sharing freedom. It could well prove a hit, since viewers will enjoy being able to share premium video clips.

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