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YuMe Study: Who's Buying Online Video Ads, Who They're Targeting

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Online video advertising company YuMe has released its 2012 Q2 Video Advertising Metrics report, offering a clear look at who is buying online video ads and whom they're trying to reach.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) is the prime buyer for online video ads, making up 23 percent of online video spending. Health and pharmaceuticals came next (19 percent), followed by retail (11 percent), consumer electronics (9 percent), and telecom (8 percent).

The advertisers were most interested in reaching young adults. YuMe found that requests for persons 25- to 54-years-old made up 22 percent of total request for proposal (RFP) volume. The next most popular demos were females 25- to 54-years-old, persons 18- to 49-years-old, and females 18- to 49-years-old. Spending on non-gender-specific campaigns, however, made up 74 percent of RFPs.

YuMe's findings come from ads served on the YuMe network, which includes over 2,000 publisher sites. From that sampling, pre-rolls were the most popular video ad type, making up 76 percent of all ads served in the second quarter. That's down from 84 percent in the first quarter. The average video ad completion rate was 69 percent.

The full eight-page report is available for free download, as are Yume's two previous quarterly reports.

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